Return our valuable brain in Bangladesh

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Hello guys, I am Abhay Sunny. Now studying in American International University Of Bangladesh in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. This is my profile:

every year a lot of Bangladeshi students are traveling abroad for higher education. The United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and the Netherlands are some of the top destinations where Bangladeshi students prefer to study.

The question is why are many Bangladeshi students leaving to pursue a degree abroad? Many blame it on the educational system of Bangladesh with a lack of equipment, investments in education and shortage of faculties.

Few reasons of why the Bangladeshi students want to go abroad :

1. A bright career like never before

2. The expert speaker in English

3. Availability of a wide range of courses

4. Personal development

5. Priceless memories

Despite the presence of good private universities in Bangladesh the steady rise in students studying broad is rising and will continue to rise in the future. Therefore, apart from the positive effects, it does have negative issues. Brain drain is one such reason. Once students complete their higher studies, they prefer to stay there and work rather than coming back to the country. But that should not stop students from studying abroad and clearly as mentioned above studying abroad is better than studying in Bangladesh.

This lack of economic opportunity causes more than 400,000 Bangladeshis each year to leave and work as migrant workers overseas, mostly in the Persian Gulf region. In the long term, it also remains to be seen if Bangladesh can sustain economic growth and maintain its leading position in the global garment industry, now that lower cost production countries like Ethiopia are becoming favored destinations of clothing companies.

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Students from Bangladesh who go to other countries will have an agreement with those countries to send them back after completing their studies. After that they will be forced to return in Bangladesh

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