Solution of the flood problem in Bangladesh

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This is Noorjahan Binte, now studying in Brac University, Computer science & Engineering.

Every year my native village people face River erosion. Because of that they have to suffer a lot. So here i am today with a simple solution in a low cost

This is the southeast of Bangladesh


A lots of people there working and living beside the ocean, river. Of course it have to be protected with concreties for example. The dust people are often too expensive that's why most of the time to build. I felt good when a big storm hit the coast those dikes don't hold and people have to rebuild everything so how can we protect these people well with Eco engineering has defended by working with natural processes a small layer of empty shells concrete or debris is placed in front of the coast oyster larvae floating through the wall attached to it this way a reef is formed within months Sun starts building up behind it vegetation like mangrove trees I planted that I'd have the chance to grow now when one of these big storms hit the mangrove trees take the brunt of the blow and the better animals like fish and crab stop living in The Reef in mangroves providing a source of food engineering.

In the project ECOBAS, eco engineering is used to protect the coast of Bangladesh. Every year, floods wash away the earthen dikes along the Bangladeshi coast. A barrier could be built in the sea to break the waves. Natural processes could be used to help build this barrier. A wall of concrete blocks could be placed in front of the shore line. Oysters will start living on this wall, which creates a semi-natural reef. Behind this reef, mangrove trees could be planted. This vegetation would break the waves before they reach the land. At the same time, it forms a natural habitat for fish and crabs, which the local population could eat or sell to generate some extra income.

By this medium, we can solve the Padma river erosion problems. Every year many people suffered for Padma river erosion problems.

Let's look how my solution is affordable and technically possible:

Optical fiber.PNG

It is system which is based on the incoming sensor data and numerical models will perform during the current risk assessment. In addition, the system is enable data visualization on synoptic maps (meteorological data), and models of the monitored sections of the shaft (data from telemetric network) and view historical data. Based on the analysis of the measured parameters will be triggered alarm, providing the occurrence of a crisis situation.

I believe it's limited budget. That's why i saw the sample pic. You just only need some concrete and soil. It's totally legal and no political issues here.

But if any political leader pass the nigh demanded budget, then actually i have nothing to do.

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