Stupidity of our country - Retain the Talent

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Working abroad is like a dream for the younger generation. When we login to Facebook, our college friend’s status comes out. The way of living we dreamed of, they already lead the life. Imagine, your friend and you grow up together. You guys have lots of good memories. After completing study in Bangladesh your friend goes abroad and never comes back. Every night you think about that. Why did he never come back? The only answer will pop up in your mind that nothing is here.


Reason of living Bangladesh

Let me tell you a story of myself. When I was in class 9, then my dream was to become a software engineer. Financial condition of my family was not good enough. In addition, they don’t have the ability to manage the cost that will be needed in my study. Even, they don’t have the ability to afford a computer for initial learning online. So, I quit my dream.

Leave those past stories, I know some people who settle abroad for not only higher study but also own identity. In our country, we don’t appreciate talent. We appreciate money and the position of his father or his own. Even if he or she don’t have any talent and they only hold the position that given by others. And all those types of people surrounded by flattery peoples.

In the whole country only Dhaka University has a complete laboratory. And if you are not a student of DU then you can’t access the lab. All the fool parents think that only DU has the ability to shine in their children's lives. Is that true? If it is true then statistics is only a formality for false reports.

Bye the way, if talent doesn't get attention then no one will apply here. On the other hand, many foreign countries give scholarship for funding talented people. They give them the environment and money to do what they want to do. That’s way we are still drowning and other countries going one level up.

Talent peoples are so much ambitious. They are always ready to express their talent. S, where they get the perfect situation and environment, they just sit down and start exploring themselves. The only fence between settling homeland or abroad is a perfect environment.

So, I think many important things that don’t get attention from our government is the main reason. If the government tries to rebuild the environment for new innovation then we will be the next USA.

My Step by Step Plan

Education: Why we go abroad? Mostly working as a labor and completing higher study. If we build our education system advance then we don’t need to go outside to gather advanced knowledge. Our recent education system teaches us “study only for passing in the exam”. So we only study for passing in the exam. If someone mistakenly try to know his own talent or dream, our society puss him to do slavery.


If we can change the education process then the whole system will change.

Financial Support: Every year our government announces a budget for our country. If those budget will be eco friendly than the investment system will change itself. Foreign countries maintain the circle of the modern financial ecosystem. Then believe in the give and take system. If they invest on invention related project than world will get better result in every sector. They maintain the investment system for supporting creative and innovative projects. In our country we can’t see anything like this. So, think about the perfect eco friendly financial Support.

Environment: In my opinion, if we can give those people a reason to come back and do what they want to do. Then we don’t need to worry about anything like now. And the environment is in the first place. Mute the irresponsible people and change the environment. Next we don’t need to worry about innovation or something like the past. Just make the system support the talented people. And they will create the environment.

Bottom Line

Believing in the people that are really innovative will not cost your life. If you can believe in them then you will see the progress with your open eyes.

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