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Overcrowded classrooms, inadequate supplies, very low-quality academic curriculum, no use of technologies, bullying, no laboratories, no libraries, no playground…… is this called “School”!! Is this the place where a child spends most of his time after his home!!

Hi this is Tanveer Tausif Ratul from Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET) and today I will share with you-

  • The dreams I had before starting my school life and what actually I got
  • My childhood school memories, the problems I faced and I witnessed
  • The teaching style I prefer which will solve some of these problems.

Definition of “SCHOOL” to Me

Okay. So, what I think about “school”, right? I think that school is a place where a little sweetheart of a parents will learn how to become a good human being; where all the education will be practical based and a teacher will not give content, he will give thoughts. Moreover, a child will learn co-curricular activities, he will get enough opportunities to share his own ideas and thoughts etc.

A school should be such a place that, a little child will call it “My 2nd Home”.

My school Memories

sunflower nursery school

Are you Bored..?? Honestly, I promise you that you won’t feel bored anymore because I will share my dreams and the stories of my school life right now.


It is a small kindergarten school in Khulna City which was built in 1980. I started my school life there in 2003 & left the school in 2007. If you ask me, I will say that those 4 years are one of the best and sweetest moments of my life still now. I am really grateful and I will always be to those ma’ams who taught me to become a good human and always inspired me even in my bad times. Behind my becoming ‘Tanveer Tausif Ratul’, their contribution is incomparable.

For everyone, I am sharing some pictures of my beautiful school. I apologize for picture quality.

My school
My school
My school
My school

The Dream Part

I started my school life in 25th January,2003. Before that day, I always thought about my new school, my new teachers, new classmates, new environment & I was really so much excited. But I was really so afraid of my new teachers and I always told myself that nobody would love me except my parents.

Even in the morning of 25th January, when my mom was helping me to get dressed, I asked her, “mom, will the teachers be rude with me? If they seem angry, I will never go to school anymore. Tell them to give me a chocolate everyday (if anyone gave me choc’ I would instantly start liking him/her)”. So, I always imaginedthat all of my teachers would love me a lot like my parents and I would never feel uncomfortable in a new environment.

new friends

Making new friends was a great excitement for me. I have no brothers or sisters. As a result, I thought that I wouldn’t feel lonely anymore after getting them. My father told me in the 1st day of school, “you’re gonna make some great friends. You will study together, play together and you’ll have a lot of fun.”

I always thought that my classroom would be so beautiful. It would be full of colorful paintings, pictures, cartoons and the teachers would teach us in a very entertaining way. Every kid likes colors, cartoons and seeing those around him in a class, he’ll automatically give attention to his class. It’s a psychological matter.


I was like a kid who was very fond of practical learning. I am giving an example. When I was 3 years old, one day my dad was teaching me the addition formula in math. “5+3=8”-the example he gave but I wasn’t happy at all. I told him “Bring me 5 and 3 chocolates and then teach me practically”. So, I really liked this type of practical based teaching method which I also expected from the teachers of my new school.

From my childhood I am a very extrovert type person. Before going to school, I planned that among the students, I will communicate the most with my teachers & I always wanted that I could share my every opinions and ideas with my teachers.

I was a very sensitive kid in my childhood. If I did something bad and anyone shouted at me, I would cry a lot and told my mother- “Mom, he is rebuking me. I am a baby, why doesn’t he understand!” Haha. Similarly, I was literally so much afraid of making bad results because I knew that if I couldn’t do well, then the teachers would finish me. I always wanted student-friendly teachers.

The last one was about sports. When my mom chose the school, my 1st question was “mom, is there a big playground in my school?” So maybe you have realized how much I was fond of sports. Maybe, I have spoken a lot about my dreams but all of the dreams mentioned above were very much true. I was a kid and every kid has a lot of thinking about his new school.

Now it’s the time to compare the dreams with reality.

The Problems I Felt Myself:

Before writing this, I want to say that I respect my school teachers a lot and without them, I could never come this long way. I want to write because some problems should really be solved & it is not only about my school, these are the problems of every institutions in our country.

I want to go step by step. Ok? Here they are-

  • In the first day of my school, when I was entering into the classroom for the 1st time holding my mom’s hand, I got a mini heart attack watching the population in the classroom. I told myself “is it real or I am dreaming!! It is like a theater or something!!”. A medium sized classroom should have maximum 30 students but there were 30 multiplied by 2!! I was really shocked. There were a lot of chaos in the class.
  • However, I entered into my classroom. Then the 2nd thing caught my eyes which I didn’t like that much. It was the classroom’s environment. I told that a beautiful classroom was my dream before starting school life, so I really became upset then. There were some papers hanging randomly on the wall, the lime on the walls was falling and the benches weren’t arranged properly. The sitting arrangement was very congested. There were no mini book/computer/lab corner in the class. Just some benches and a black board. I didn’t expect that

By the way, then the teacher came and started delivering his lecture. The problems of teaching, which I realized after 4 years-

  • Some students had no basic idea about Bangla & English alphabets. In that class when the teacher was speaking about the alphabets, they shouted, “what is ‘A’, what is ‘B’?” Every parent should teach their child the basics of reading before admitting them into schools. It is not a problem of schools but there were obstacles in teacher’s teaching
  • I felt that the education system was based on only memorizing. Whoever had better memorizing power, scored a good figure in the exam and others couldn’t do well. Every teacher who took our classes, he/she spoke a line & we would hum and kept pace with her. Why! There was no scope of using one’s own intellect & talent.
  • There were so many students that teachers could not communicate with everyone. Once a boy who was beside me, told me that he couldn’t complete the HW that day but the teacher couldn’t find him because if she checked everyone, it would take more than half of his class time. In this way those students continued to cheat day after day
  • There was no practical learning which I wanted before my school life. We only believed our teacher’s word
  • The syllabus was so big but the time for a term was too much short. As a result we had to stay awake many nights. Before one exam, one of our teachers completed 2 chapters within 40 minute and I couldn’t sleep that night while completing those chapters. Then in the next day, I fall asleep in the class. Most of the students faced the same situation so many times. So, we couldn’t concentrate on that day’s lectures.
  • There was no use of modern technologies in the classroom. One class lasted 1 hour. So, the classes seemed very dull and boring.
  • Some teachers used mobile phone a lot in the classroom rather than teaching.
  • There were 3 child who had physical disabilities in my school. One of them couldn’t move his hand and the other 2 couldn’t hear. So it was very difficult for them to catch the lecture. But there was no well-trained teacher who could actually help them.
  • After teaching, I want to talk about the tiffin period. There was a huge playground in my school which fulfilled my expectation but there were 2 major problems I witnessed, which I never expected. One day, I was taking meal in tiffin time and then I noticed that some classmates didn’t bring food from home. They looked at us very hungry. I knew there were sons/daughters of many poor families. My mother always told me to share food with everyone, so I shared my meal with them. But I found this thing too bad.The 2nd problem of tiffin time caught my eyes in the 1st day of school.BULLYING others. There was a boy named ‘Tahmid’ in our class who was a kid from a very rich family. In the 1st day at tiffin break, he was shouting at a boy saying “Look, what I have in my bag! My father bought me this pencil box, this school bag is from USA…..and so on” (I don’t want to say). He said, “Look at you!!You have nothing! Even you have borrowed your pencils, erasers from others”. The poor kid had nothing to say. I was really so much upset after watching that. This is a serious problem in every schools of our country.
  • Study tours were done only once a year. Sometimes the pressure of studying was so high that we forgot what the ‘fun things’ were. We expected almost 3 study year per year, so that we could get rid of the study life at least a little bit.

dream vs reality

I have mentioned my dreams and if we compare it with reality, I will say maximum 10% of my dream has been fulfilled after going to school. I have only given my opinions and experiences, but there are million others who are facing these same problems and they find no match between dream and reality.

My own Teaching Methods & How Will These Work

Now, I will discuss about the teaching style I prefer. I am confident that these methods can solve more than 80% of the problems which I experienced.

A Perfect Classroom for Students:

The decoration of a classroom is very much important for the students. If you ask me, then I will say a well-planned, well decorated and clean classroom can help a student to be attentive while class lectures and presentations. I will prefer this type of classroom where-

  • Resources will be clearly available with clear and helpful labels
  • The wall will be decorated with paintings, subject related things and there will be also important safety and health notices
  • The classroom setting will be lively and simulated
  • Previous year’s students’ works will be displayed so that they will know their aim
  • There will be a small book corner/ a computer zone with one/two computers so that students can gain knowledge

Here I am giving some samples of classrooms which I personally prefer


Teaching Style:


First of all, in my class I will allow only 30 students because I want to communicate with everyone and I want to know everyone’s own opinion, idea and thought about anything. Firstly, we can talk about lecture system. I personally prefer practical based class lecture. Suppose i will teach them about the “storm system”. Firstly, I will share the basic ideas of storm and then I want to show the details on the projector. As a result, students will be able to master the topic very easily. I will take each class for 40 minutes.

My exam system will be also different. It will be ‘Open Book Exam’ system, where students won’t be able to do anything with memorization only. I will ask the questions in such a way that students will have to answer them with their own thoughts and intellect. Moreover, no one can pass in the exam by cheating.

School 17.jpg

I will shorten my syllabus also. It will reduce the excessive pressure of the students. In my syllabus, I will include only those topics which are important for the practical and job fields.

Physical Disability Problem:

There will be some trained teachers in my school who will assist those students with physical disabilities. If the students need extra time, the teachers will be always there to assist them.

Tiffin Will Be Available for Everyone:

Students will never be able to take classes with their minds if they are hungry. At my school every student will be given lunch at noon. I don’t want to see any students starving.

Bully Box:

In my classroom I will set two boxes. One will be ‘Bully Box’ where the bullied students will be able to submit the box by writing the name and roll of the student who bullied him on a piece of paper. Another will be a ‘Sorry Box’. I will give 24h to the student who bullied to say ‘Sorry’ to him. Otherwise, I will take necessary steps.

In this project, I have told about my dreams before I started school and then I have mentioned the problems I faced in my school and at last I have created my own teaching method which I personally prefer. I want to say ‘Thank You’ to my school teachers who were always there for me. I always respect them so much. I also want to give thanks to you guys, for this amazing project. Really it made me nostalgic sometimes. Maybe I have written a little more than the previous projects. Thank you so much for reading my writing patiently.


Tanveer Tausif Ratul


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Writer : Tanveer Tausif Ratul

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