The importance & Significance of me for the world

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Self Introduction:

Hello I am Noorjahan binte, studying in Brac University, subject of Computer science & Engineering. I love with family. They are my Mom, Dad, Brother,& sister.

Importance of mine in world:

I know this very well I am nothing to the world. My survival, my death won’t affect to anyone in the world. But it matters to My family who cherished a lot of dream about me. I don’t know what my Almighty has written for me & my future. I consider myself a very important person who is prior to the society, country and my family.

Now let’s talk about why I am feeling like that, First of all ever since I started studying at the university, I have been teaching A & O level students. My students are getting a chance at a very good & top ranked Universities in the Bangladesh. They are also planning to move another country. I think it’s also a great contribution for my country that I have been able help to educate the students of the country in a good way.

Then come to the next point, I am involved with a developer team, I try to make useful apps for general people. Now I was trying for my masters degree in a foreign country. Further Completing my Doctoral degree, my plan is to join with research team. I want to contribute research centre so that I can move forward towards improvement in my country's research center. In Sha Allah one day I will.

Now come to the main fact I matter because I am a women. In future I will be a mother who will give birth resources of the country. Who will nurture her child’s. I will provide them a better education to make the society more beautiful.

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That Incident which change point view of my life:

A few years ago My grand father was died, every relative, neighbor, family members was telling me that my grand father was an excellent man. He always worked for the welfare of the society. No one can tell bad things about him. Many people gathered on the day of his death.

My grand father was not so rich man nor a famous person. I was amazed to see love, affectionate, caring of the people for him. Because he matters to their lives, he plays an important role foe the welfare of the society. He never cheated with anyone.

What I feel of my life:

Everyone, everything, every live, every small tiny thing, every creature matters on this planet. It actually doesn’t matter who you are, how do you look, your size, your height, your skin color, your region, how much you earn, how powerful you are, how many status you have. It’s matter when your are kind and helpful for those people who actually needs help of yours. When any orphanage or poor kids or poor old people came to yourself for help, you never return them empty handed.

When you eat delicious expensive foods, you provide those people who can’t afford them, that’s really appreciable to Allah & the world.

I have been trying to been a guide, mentor or a helper to someone who was all alone and needed guidance. It really matters.

I matter because I am doing for the best of my everyday of my life that full of bumps, buries, and so many challenges. No matters how many I failed in my life, it matters when I have faith on myself and my strength to keep moving forward.

Figure 2

All I can say that, I always tried to help people, keep trying for the new invention of the world, and never doing anything wrong for others.



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