The role of technology to reduction of poverty

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We can use technology to alleviate poverty in Africa

Poverty is a major obstacle to the economic development of the world's underdeveloped countries. If Africa wants to get out there they need to take an effective step against poverty. We all know that the expected results can be achieved if Africa can use the technology right path.

Africa‘s one of the biggest problems is poverty. Poverty is a result of overpopulation. And overpopulation is a result of a lack of education. But lower classes don’t have resources to educate their children. Even they educate youth on this continent are suffering from unemployment. Poverty is a major obstacle to the economic development of the world's underdeveloped and many developing countries. If anyone tries to remove poverty from the underdeveloped section there is a big obstacle that’s name is the Vicious circle of poverty. Which hinders all development of the country. The vicious cycle of poverty is the aggregation of some forces that keep a country poor by interacting with each other. Ragnar Nurkse was an Estonian international economist and policymaker. Who said that ‘’a country is poor because it is poor’’ on his theory ‘vicious cycle of poverty’. The vicious cycle of poverty is,

The vicious cycle of poverty

The concept of the vicious cycle of poverty can be explained by the side of Capital demand and supply of capital. By the side of Capital demand - When production is low in the country, people's income is low. People have less purchasing power because of lower-income. That is why the demand for goods in the market is less. Due to the low demand for goods, the amount of investment is low. Low investment means less demand for capital and its utilization. That's why Due to this reason the production is less again. And this situation comes back again and again as a result a country is trapped in poverty. But there is a way out. If Africa wants to see the light of hope, they need to take proper and effective steps against poverty. Technology can be advantageous here if it can be used in a proper way.

Technology in Agriculture

Technology is able to play an important role in the agricultural sector. It is possible to develop crop varieties through the use of technology. The use of advanced technology for higher yields is notable in developing countries. The impact of science and technology is in front of us. notable technology is, •Satellite Imaging •Vertical Farming •Soil and Water Sensors •Pervasive Automation •Minichromosomal Technology •RFID Technology •Weather Tracking. For A better result naturally, it appears that the use of technology in agriculture has resulted in improved crops. There is a special advantage in saving time and using technology in remote areas. It will help to increase State resources. And remember more production helps to create job opportunities.

campaigns for travelers

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To alleviate their unemployment, they have to plan and highlight the most beautiful places. It is very famous for earning foreign exchange. There are many places in Africa that people are still lost in search of. Some Peoples in Africa know about it. If a traveler is exposed to the beauty of Africa, they will be interested. People are naturally luxurious in traveling. This campaign will be accelerating the African economy. So they can make a lot of money from this field. This will play a helpful role in developing their economic development. And they will have a lot of work and creation in this sector.


Sometimes we are confronted with some of the diseases that afflict us. For example, let's assume that covid19 in the present condition. It is often seen that many people die due to inaccessible conditions without getting medical services, if there is a telemedicine service Sometimes we have an accident on the way and many of us die if no service is provided immediately. From all these situations, online treatment services will play a very important role. As a result, people will rely on the Internet, so they will hire a lot of people to develop that sector. And also have many more advantages.

Technology in business and communication

Now a day’s e-commerce business plays an important to develop economic growth.E-commerce business totally depends on online communications. There is also online marketing that allows us to earn a lot more money at home. One does connect with the world’s business.

In developed countries are now using this option in that section there lots of people are working. To alleviate poverty, technology can play many vital roles. 

Technology can be used to highlight on creativity

Technology can be used to highlighted or focus on many things like handicrafts, art, etc. Many rural women work loves to take it as a profession. Many ruler African sell their handcraft at a low price. If they can sell those at a reasonable price they can also contribute their family income. This will bring about unimaginable changes in the social system. But this task is not easy enough. There is a lot of demand for handicrafts in the world and this opportunity should be used. If we can promote it here with the help of online marketing, it will be able to play a special role in changing the wheel of fortune.

Technology in education sector

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Education is the backbone of nations. Napoleon Bonaparte said that “Give me an educated mother, I shall promise you the birth of a civilized, educated nation.” He realized many years ago, how important education is!

In developed countries are using online platforms to teach their this platform, one’s can learn whatever he wants. And an online education is flexible and lower costly .one’s can easily take advantage of it’s. If a man can educate they will be able to know many things which are more effective to prosper. An educated person has many doors open in front of him. Through which he can make his nation run on the path of progress.

If they can increase using e-devices in their classroom they know about the world’s education so they can improve as much as they want. No boundaries or no restrictions are there! Adequate educations are harmful to all of us and it also hit can be the opposite. If they can successfully use technology in the classroom all students can attend the world’s competitions. That will much more helpful for all of them. Though, Political instability is a major problem in the African continent. We all know that African politics is not stable. Without political stability, a country cannot move in economic growth.

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Only political leaders are not responsible for their present conditions but also responsible for people’s unconscious. If African people can aware of all of those things they can be take action against Corruption. For that, they have to increase their consciousness. They need to know all of these. For knowing things technology can be used as a bridge. They can use technology in the education sector. As we have seen, students have not always been reluctant to fight corruption. So that they can express their opinion and that can help to hold political stability. And also demand of devices can eagerly to productions. If they can manage to take examinations online I think they will able to increase their ability to improve themselves. Technology has many more paths to go.

In the end, it can be said that,

         African continent has lagged far behind. If they waste more time, it's maybe too late. Now They have to understand and depend on their own ability. The African continent is facing a difficult task to achieve the highest. If they want to move forward, they have to keep running with the world. And for that, they need the highest caution. And they need to keep in touch with the whole world. Technology can be the biggest tool to keep in touch.