The way to Meherun's dream profession

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The way to Meherun's dream profession


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I'm Meherun Nessa Tonni. I am a student . I'm studying accounting in a college under Dhaka University. But it was not in my choice. Every person carries a dream . As I'm a student stil now , I have a dream to fulfill . I think this period can be the golden period of my life. It's like I'm walking on a narrow road towards my dream and there are many ups and downs. If I able to cross the ups and downs then I will surely reach to my destination. So , Today I'm here to share with you what would be my dream profession and also how my dream profession may change the world.

The way to Meherun's dream

From a very young age I had a dream to be a doctor. But as I belong to a middle class family there are some restrictions. We could not afford more than our limitations . So that, I had to accept the reality and i claimed commerce as my education background. But I was not very happy with it.

I always wanted to get a well - known profession by which I can earn respect , fame , help the poor and can make money and also can help in developing my country. But I was confused that how I could have the all things in a Profession.

At one point I felt like nothing was possible by me. I got a little lost. As a result, my HSC results were so bad and I didn't get a chance at any public university. I was absolutely devastated then. But then I saw the light of new hope.

Meherun's dream planning

One day I found a motivational video of a bussiness woman. From that day , I started dreaming again. I decided to be a garments owner But I need a big amount of money for this . I m a student so it was like impossible to me to manage a minimum amount. Next, I found a way to earn money by digital marketing .


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Digital marketing is a platform where I can earn a good amount of money from home even in a very short time besides completing my study. so i started saving money by working on it. The planning process is going on. After saving a minimum amount of money; first I want to open a garments in a small range with a few number of female workers.

Why did I choose garments bussiness as my dream profession?


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As , I live in a developing country and garments industry is the most important part of my country, and it is a country of large population . Most of the people's are poor and depended on garments industry. So I want to use this proverty as man power. Then I decided to be a garments owner for self employment and also make a space of employment for the Unemployed youth society and helpless womens.

My dream profession can make changes

Garments industry have a great demand around the world. If I become a successful garment owner. Then I can help in developing my country and surely can earn fame as a female garment owner around the world. Thus my country will also get more fame and honour. Next there are more other things which can be changed by my dream profession :

  • My dream profession may help in developing my country's economy.
  • My dream profession may change my identity from a simple woman to a successful business woman.
  • My dream profession may bring more changes in women empowerment.
  • My dream profession may give me fame and I may be an inspiration for other womans. This will inspire them to realize and fulfill their dreams.
  • My dream profession may play a role in eliminating unemployment.
  • My dream profession may play a role in reducing poverty.

Final verdict

There will be many ups and downs in your life. But you can't never stop dreaming. If you have flaws don't worry turn them into your success. Remember one thing your passion can be your profession. Passion is what you like to do , make your passion your profession. When your passion becomes your dream profession it will always keep you happy, comfortable and will give you peace of mind. So be happy and spread happiness by selecting the comfortable profession for you.

Thank you!

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