Tips to submit good quality wiki articles

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Please follow these guidelines to make the most dollar value from your wiki articles

- Please submit your article in wiki format. Click here for a video that shows how you can open a wiki account and write/submit your article there. Please do not submit Microsoft Word documents, etc. Submit your article in our wiki in English. Please try to give us flawless grammar.

- Start your wiki with a good introduction of yourself, such as your name, who you are, what you do and your background. This creates credibility and generates interest among the readers to read further.

- Try to write your article like your own diary or your story (in first person narrative format). Give examples everywhere. Here is a narrative writing example and we prefer this kind of narrative style writing: Narrative Writing Style

- Add your profile link at the end of the wiki, so readers know you

- No plagiarized or copyrighted work please! If we find any plagiarism in your wiki content writing, then your payment will be cancelled and your work will not be promoted.

- We need at least 95% plagiarism free content to give you full payment amount. Otherwise, payment may be reduced or cancelled. We use our own method and judgement to check for plagiarism in articles. So, please try to keep your write up original!

- There is no word limit. Please keep it short and to the point without making the readers bored. Try to keep it interesting with good sense of humor in your stories!

- Try to add lots and lots of pictures for visuals and demonstrations

- For pictures, that you are getting from online, please try to reference them (where you took them from) to avoid copyright issues

- Click here for a sample wiki from one of our contributors and you can follow this format:

- Payment will be given ONLY to contributors who submit their wiki articles by the deadline

- Dollar value may be deducted if any of the above rules are missing


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