Trafficking of Talent: Reasons and Solutions

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Assalamu Alaikum,

This is Md. Aminul Islam Mohernob. I am from Bangladesh. I am a student of anthropology. Art, culture, human history, etc are the most important parts of anthropology.

Research statistics said that a huge number of students don’t return home after finishing the study abroad who came from Bangladesh. What the reasons behind it? And how can we overcome this problem? Now I will search the answer to these queries through my observation.

Rana, who admitted his graduation level study in a reputed university in Bangladesh, but after one year, he got a scholarship in Australia. Then he decided that without completing graduation in Bangladesh, he will go aboard for study purposes. Now he is working in a university as a research assistant in Australia and he does not want to come to Bangladesh permanently. I asked him why he took these kinds of decisions. He states some causes that inspired him to go aboard permanently.



The education system of Bangladesh is static, Time is going on and the world is becoming modern gradually but in our curriculum no changes.


Political instability is another cause that compelled Rana to leave home forever. He said many cases have in our country that political effect fully damaged many lives. This problem did not face Australia he said.


Rana indicts that in our home skilled person don’t get target job, because educational skill is helpless contrast with money and power.

Four He said now we are living in the neo-liberal era but in the dwellers of our country don’t look positively in different customs and abroad we can easily lead our lifestyle and custom.

Then I asked him what the solution to this problem?

Rana told me,

  • our education system must have to update and a big amount of investment needs in the research and technology sector.
  • Eradicate political influence from the education sector.
  • We have to show honor to other customs and cultures.
  • Ensure that skilled persons can their deserved job without any obstacles.

If we solve these problems then most of the students come back home after finishing the higher study.

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