Travelling Solo - What is it that makes it an awesome idea?

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Travelling experiences are special! Exploring new places are always exciting and creates priceless memories for the lifetime. It becomes one degree extra special when anyone travels alone, trust me! Idea of solo travelling sounds scary at first, you’re probably thinking what if I feel lonely? What if I get lost? And if you are a solo female traveler there’s always a safety concern. So, then what is so great about being a Solo Traveler? There are endless exciting reasons why you should consider travelling solo:

No need to wait for others schedule to match

Being a solo traveler, I find this point very convenient. Planning a trip with friends, family or any groups are frustrating sometimes, you have to wait until everyone gets a vacation from their work or maybe some of your friends are not in a mood for travelling right now. Because of these reasons you may have to cancel your plan. And this is one of the sweet point for solo travelling, all you have to do is to make a plan, pack your backpack and go, you don’t have to worry about others moods or vacations.

Confidence Booster

I would say, travelling alone is a sign of bravery. You have to take risks, as your safety is on your own hands now. No-one is there to take care of you. But if you are stepping out of your comfort zone and take this step of a successful solo travelling, it will be a great milestone for your life. Whenever in future, you face a challenge, you will be thinking that I have accomplished a lot on my own so I can overcome this too.

Makes you independent

One of my favourite thing of being a solo traveler is that you are your own boss. You can plan as you wish, you can go anywhere you want, you can visit any place as long as you want, you don’t need to worry about group anymore, you can spend lazy long day at beach or you can take bungee jumping as many times as you want.

Increase planning & Organizing Ability

People who love to plan and organize things according to their wills, this can be a great opportunity for them. As you have to plan your trip alone, set the destination, do necessary research about the place, organize your tour ( booking travel arrangements, hotels, preparing cash, reading a map etc). All these are life skills which can be improved by travelling alone.

Chance to meet with new people

Yah, although it seems you are travelling alone but practically you will never be lonely. There’s always a chance to meet with new people on the road, hotels, sightseeing areas or with other backpackers and travelers. If you are travelling to any rural areas, you can meet with local peoples. This will give you the opportunity to learn their language, culture and history.

Gained social skills

Travelling alone makes you more open-minded and friendlier, you will feel comfortable to talk to anyone after that experience. You will find that meeting with new people and making friend is pretty easy, all you have to give a smile and say ‘hello’ at first.

There’s nothing wrong in travelling with groups but we all should try something new once in a while. So, Why not trying this one? Travel and gain your freedom. As it says, “Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret” -Oscar Wilde

Writer- Rumaisa