Visiting Chalan Beel

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Waterbodies become most beautiful in the rainy season. It is precisely true for the Chalan Beel too as it is the largest Beel of Bangladesh. Chalan Beel is famous for its vastness, diversity, ecological system, and of course beauty. In recent years, its remotest parts became easily accessible due to newly constructed roads. I visited this Beel in the last rainy season along with my friends.

I heard a lot of this Beel earlier. This arose my interest in visiting this place and I made a plan to visit it. We started our journey at Gurudaspur Ghat where our boat was waiting. We rode on the boat in the morning and started for reaching the deepest part of the Chalan Beel. The morning was fine and shiny. After traveling for nearly 45 minutes through the Atrai river we entered into Chalan Beel. At the junction point of the beel and river water was so turbulent and our boat moving violently. Strong stream and heavy tide made that point very dangerous.

In fact, the beauty of the beel is not exaggerated in people's description. Water, water, and water everywhere. I went to the front of the boat and breathed a deep breath. It filled my lung with fresh oxygen and I felt a heavenly feeling. Villages were seen at the far edge of the water. Birds were flying and some birds were catching fishes. Slowly we entered in the deepest and remotest part of the beel. Here, nature is really enjoyable. We asked the boatman to stop the engine and let our boat float freely.

After some time we reached a village market and got down there to have our lunch. Once this place was inaccessible by road during the rainy season and people have to use boats to move anywhere. Now road connections have been improved and the lifestyle of people of this region changed drastically. After lunch, we saw a submerged road nearby and enjoyed walking on the road. It was a memorable walking at which I fall in the water and my clothes became wet.

We decided to roam further and reached at the Tarash point where multiple bridges have been constructed. It is a beautiful spot to enjoy the beauty of the waterbody. We saw some floating island like places have been made to help the visitors to enjoy the beauty of the beel.

We started our return journey in the evening and enjoyed the sunset inside the beel. This moment was full of serene natural beauty. We returned at our starting point with a candid freshness and calmness in mind. It is a memorable visit indeed. I will suggest everyone visit this place if possible. Though you can reach here by road links too but adopting the boat journey is most preferred as it will give you the most satisfying feeling.