Visiting Hardinge Bridge

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Hardinge Bridge is a famous railway bridge located on the Padma river at the connecting point of Rajshahi and Khulna division. Constructed more than 100 years ago, this bridge became a nice tourist attracting spot due to the mind soothing sceneries of the surrounding area. Recently I visited the spot myself and get astonished seeing the beauty of nature and the bridge.

Two bridges at a view

You can reach this spot by train or bus from Dhaka. If you use train then you need to take a 10 Km journey more from Ishwardi town to reach the bottom of the spot. Or you can ride on Kushtia bound Dhaka coaches to reach the spot directly. There are some nice hotels in Ishwardi town to stay in.

I along with my friends reached here at 3 PM. There is a lot of crowds here during the holidays. I got amazed by the stunning natural beauty of the river and engineering skills of the bridge both. The Padma got dried in recent times and is possible to go to the middle point of the river by walking. In fact, it is a mind-blowing experience. Reaching there you may look two bridges, Lalon Shah bridge, and Hardinge Bridge, at a view and you are standing at the border of two districts and division.

Large pillars or tons of steel sections are enough to make us think that how high-class engineering skills have been used to construct this structure 100 years ago. I experienced a remarkable boat journey in the Padma river. Though the river became narrow it still now offers a huge opportunity to enjoy the mesmerizing scenic beauty of nature and manmade structure. Coming into the middle of the river I felt a heavenly feeling. At this point, I was able to see some spectacular things at a single sight. Two bridges, both sides of the river, Veramara Power Plant, Rooppur Nuclear Power plant were visible clearly.


Returning to the bank of the river, we decided to go on the bridge. Though it is now restricted to go on the bridge due to safety reasons as per our request, we were allowed to go. We experienced walking on the walkways of Hardinge Bridge. The beauty of nature became more visible from that view. Manufacturer name and construction time are inscribed at different places. Aerial view of the river and the boats gave me a fascinating charm. Away from there, the Lalon Shah Bridge looked beautiful.


We also visited adjacent Paksey Railway station. It is located in a nice location and you will be able to have a nice view of the area.

At the end of the day, we waited until sunset to observe the beauty of the place. I left the spot with a memorable experience.