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Hello everyone, I am Ava from Bangladesh. I’m doing my Masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Today I’m going to share some of my opinions to reduce poverty in Africa. Happy read!


To avert poverty from Africa the first thing we should do is rising awareness among the people of Africa about their right to learn about it and fight for it, because I strongly believe that “YOU ARE YOUR OWN HERO”, no one can help you if you are not ready to help yourself. If they become aware about their rights then they will try to achieve it, they will try to become independent, they will be more conscious about their education, to improve their agriculture system and protest against corruption to gain their rights. Then they can quest different technological support to improve their economical status.

Use of internet:

Internet can provide them vast knowledge about the whole world so they can make themselves prepare to keep pace with the world. It will exuberant their education system and acquaint them with new technologies. Internet is always there to make the life easier in every aspect.

Use of digital technology in farming:


In Africa they can use the available sophisticated technologies to improve their farming like they can use robots, temperature and moisture sensors, areal images and GPS technology. Robotic technologies provide more reliable monitoring so farmer doesn’t need to apply water, seed, fertilizers and pesticides uniformly and thus they can use minimum amount of this in specific area. It also provides management of natural resources, such as water and air quality.

These technologies allow farming to be more profitable, efficient, safer and more environmental friendly.

Use of modern technology in mining:

As we know that Africa is blessed with many natural resources. So we can focus on this to repel their poverty. Using Digital technology in mining sector provides modern, safe, productive mine and increase demand for mine materials.

  1. 1. Spatial data visualisation:

Using this process one can prepare for mining before going to do the job in real. It reduce the mine system cost and impact on the environment. The following things are done in this system:

  • Three –dimensional (3D) Modeling- This creates a scenario that is same as real life so it provides us the facilities to understand the complications and fact related to mining.
  • Virtual Reality – It provides a 3D virtual environment using the real life data so one can have the working experience in mine without being in the field.
  • Augmented Reality- It also provide a virtual environment of real word environment which also input sound, video, applications and graphics. By this it helps the miner to get trained.
  1. 2. Geographic information systems:

Geospatial data represents an object’s location, size, and shape. By visualising this kind of data, miners gain more insight into the represented system or mine environment. Geospatial data software allows miners to train mine managers and employees in new ways, and improve long-term understanding of mining with virtual interpretations of real-life environments.

  1. 3. Artificial intelligence:

In Artificial intelligence (AI), smart data and machine learning to improve operational efficiency, mine safety, and production workflow. It helps to find the location of mines. Autonomous vehicles and drillers are use as AI where autonomous vehicles can easily pass through narrow tunnels and drilling system contain several drill rings in one system.

  1. 4. Automated Drones:

Automated Drones are used to close observation of hazardous area, measuring the site of mine area, mapping the field. It can make the mining system easier, cost effective and time effective.

To see how this technologies help miners hit the link! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1Ubbyn2vrc&feature=youtu.be


Apparently, use of Digital technology can reduce the poverty of Africa but most importantly they need government support, an effective economic strategy, a stable transport system and a great willing power.

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