Way to Save our planet from Air pollution with the latest technology

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Hi, readers I'm Sourav Chowhan from Bangladesh .I'm a student of CSE(Computer science and engineering).Currently I’m studying in private university. Hope you will be with me while I’m talking about the future of our vehicles.

Our planet conditions

World population

As you are aware about our population of world which is increasing day by day .Now worlds population is about 7.8 Billion!!!!! Can you imagine that?!! Want to hear some more alarming information!! Hold tight where you are.

Co2 level in increasing day by day . Normal people exhales about 2.3 pounds of co2 in the atmosphere.

Co2 level is increasing

7.8Billion*2.3 pound Co2 exhale by human in one day !!!!. Increasing level of Co2 is causing global warming and the world temperature is increasing.

As a result ice are melting in the two pole of the world.

ice are melting in the poles

people are cutting trees and making cities. So much population and most of us use Diesel vehicle which emits nothing but huge amount of Co2 in the atmosphere.

""Plant trees and save our planet""

That's how we are living nowadays. According to the The US publisher ward's estimates that as of 2010,there were 1.015 billion motor vehicle in use in the world.

Large amount of vehicle

Which is increased by double in 10 years, that’s mean about one out of 7 people is using motor vehicle.

Scientists are trying to invent new eco friendly technology to solve the global warming problem. There been a new vehicle model in which we use electricity. As many of you know about tesla cars or Nissan leaf. It’s cool in model and so eco-friendly. Another one is using hydrogen fuel, that fuel usually use in rockets.

Now we will talk about which one of these is better from mentioned vehicle models.


  • 1.Petrol car:
A petrol cars structure

As we talked about this early that it emits huge amount of Co2 .Mainly these motors burn fuels and it emits carbon mono-oxide and other toxic gases.It makes heat toxic gas led and so many toxic element which is not safe for mankind.So we are keeping this out of our list. But it is cheap though that’s why everyone wants to have it.

  • 2.Hydrogen fuel:
Hydrogen car structure

Hydrogen fuel model vehicle is inspired by rockets. Here hydrogen is burned with o2 and it creates water and heat.

This is how this engine works

Wait a minute it produce heat!!! Our world in isolated that mean heat can't pass from our atmosphere. And if we wants this fuel model vehicle we need pure hydrogen which is expensive too.But if we use these we vehicle life would be so easier but there is a problem of heat. Ever heard of Heat death of the universe??? if you haven't google it!.so increasing of heat will lead us to this disaster.

So my opinion we can't use this vehicle in future.

Then what it will be?
It will be the electric cars.
  • 3.Electric cars:-
A Electric car structure

This car uses rechargeable batteries and emit nearly nothing

•No toxic gas •No heat.

And it saves your fuel cost too but increase your electricity bills. These cars are the futures of vehicle. Every mans and even my dream is to buy one of these Eco-friendly and stylish cars.

Stylish EV Cars

These cars need less maintenance and most advantage is it reduce noise pollution. It is easy to drive and so more advantages. But there are some limitations too.I'm giving the solutions too along with the problems.

  • These cars fueling station is in a developing state, so there will be a big line to charge these vehicles. But if we be careful about our future we will develop so many stations.
  • These cars are costly too. We should save the money for this cars once you buy one you will have many opportunity .
  • Not suit for long journeys. But if we develop we can install bigger battery life in these cars.

As my opinion i think we can use this electric automobile cars and more upgrade these cars and result will awesome.

A new Proposal

Solar car model

There is one another think in my mind to use solar power to charge the batteries of EV. Why we will waste the solar energy? We will use it to charge these batteries and when there is no sunlight we will use batteries power for our vehicle. This will be eco-friendly as my opinion.

Many of you will think about use magnetic field and electricity but we need a track of something. Which is not possible for all of vehicles.It is only possible in a public transport as trains.


I will recommend everyone that we should use this EV automobiles, we know it is not cheap but i will be a one way to save the world from disaster.

By adopting this new EV model car the level of Carbon-dioxide will decrease day by day and everyone should plant trees.Day by Day world will be green as it was before these pollutions.

So, we are using solar power and wind power and creating electricity .Now we will use electric vehicles for transport and that will be better than everything we had.

Planting trees
A green earth

At last i want to say that we should plant more and more trees.


Images from(Google,SutterStock,Wikipedia)

Written by Sourav