Why Bangladeshi students go to abroad for higher studies and never come back again?

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Assalamu alaikum, This is Meherun Tonni . I'm studying Accounting at Govt. Shahid suhrawardy college. Life is not all about choices . Sometimes we want something else but get some opposite to it. So after that if we get a chance to resolve our wishes in another way so Nobody would neglect. Because Everybody wants to be happy and wants to have a shinning career.

So today I m here to discuss about why Bangladeshi students go to aboard and settle down there besides I m going to share some ideas that how we can utilize their talent in Bangladesh rather than Working abroad. So let's get started.

In my point of view


Accounting is not my type! It was not my choice. So here a question comes so then why I m studying Accounting as I don't like it? Because it was not in my Hand . I live in Bangladesh where there is a large number of students try to get into public universities . But there are limited sits. So for 1 seat in a public university around 800 students fight with each other . Some of them who are talented and luckily get chance into public universities they get a new hope to study here in his/ her country. But who they don't get chances at publics they have 3 choices in hand private , national or govt. University. So if a student have that kind of ability to study in a private university, first he will think why should I get into a private university when I can get a chance to study in a well known university out of Bangladesh at the same cost.

Why a student choose to study in abroad and settle down except Bangladesh?

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There are many reasons for why Bangladeshi students choose to go abroad .some of them are given below.

  • Free scholarship
  • Good Quality of education
  • Government facilities
  • Freedom
  • Earning chances besides study
  • Cross cultural communication skills
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Enhancing hard skill and soft skills.
  • Job opportunities
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Modern Medical facilities
  • Meet new community
  • Become friends with various people

Those are the main reasons for which students go to abroad and settle down there except Bangladesh. So now I have some ideas that how we can persuade these young generation to come back to Bangladesh After completing their studies abroad.

How we can utilize the talents of these young generation After completing their studies abroad?


Most of the students for higher studies and never come to Bangladesh . So I have some idea that we can covence them to come back and utilize their to develop our country. Given below :

  • Offer Gold medals and recongnizations by the government for the most brilliant ones with outstanding result.
  • Come out with the Youths who studied abroad but working for his country behind the camera. Make the world let them know
  • Incourage them to use their soft and hard skills to make resource persons . That will work as supply chain management as well as a blast idea. Which will help tremendously in developing our country.
  • Give value of their global certificate and encourage them to be entrepreneur with their bussiness thoughts ; to generate new ideas, became consultant for his country.
  • Also we can make awesome relationships through them by making new strategy with the countries where the completed their study. Because after staying there for a long time

They get know about the culture of the country

So those ideas can be applied to ultize and convence them to stay at their motherland.

Thank You

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