Why I Am a Valuable Being?

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Assalamu Alaikum,

This is Aminul Islam Mohernob. I am from Bangladesh and a student of Rajshahi University. In this content, I will discuss why I am a valuable person in this world.

All things of this Universe is valuable. So as a creature of the World, I am not valueless. This earth wants as if I give some positive things by my potential. Now I want to know some of my potentials and skills these can able to prove why I matter to the world.

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Problem-solving skill

As a human being, I have problem-solving skills. We know this world is fulfilled by many difficulties. If I can remove any problem by using my brain then It would be a very positive point.

Helping mind

I have a helping mind that can use for vulnerable people. You know, Even scrolling social media, If I see someone need help, that I can solve then I try to help them. For example, someone has posted that his/her needs educational information, if that comes into my eye then I search it and provide them. Because I have huge knowledge about keyword research that's why I can easily find out any information by using a search engine tool.

How to learn a skill

If anyone asks me what is the most important skill in this modern period, then I will say it is how to learn skills. We know, in this era vast amounts of information have online. Anything you can learn by using online tools. But if you don’t know how to use online tools to get target knowledge then you will be failed to gather your skill. I strongly believe that I have a proper technique for learning any new things.

Physically stable

I am a physically stable person. So who are physically and mentally unstable, they deserve extra benefit from me, and it's also my responsibility to help them.

Sacred character

My activities proved that I am a person who is entitled to a sacred character. We know that purified character is a social currency that has a valuable impact on our society. that's why I am a valuable matter for this world.

Other skills

I have some other skills such as web design, search engine optimization, Digital marketing, content writing, etc that also valuable for enhancing the economic growth of our society.

By knowing my potentiality, I think now you can imagine why I am a valuable person for this society as well as the world.

My profile link: http://coolinventor.com/profile/Mohernob