Why I Even Exist in This Word?

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Hello readers!! I’m Ava from Bangladesh and I’m doing my masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Today I’m going to share with you all about my journey of acquiring my value.

What do we need to become important?

All the things exist in this world are important so here we humans as the greatest creature of almighty are of course important. To become an important person for world one doesn’t need to be the richest guy or the super talented person or the powerful one, all one needs to have a good soul, one doesn’t have to carry all the burden of world she just has to do her regular work sincerely, spread positivity and remember to help other creatures in all situations.

Realization about self value

Most of the time a burning question peek in our brain that “Why even I exist in this word?’’, if the answer is not found then it can lead to a miserable depression but if you get the answer you will understand the reasons behind your living. And I am getting my answer every day.

My family plays the vital role to make me realize my value. In my family my parents always ask for my opinion along with my siblings in any decision making situations which make us feel important. I realize my importance at the age of 8 when my younger brother decided to come in our life, his tiny hands holding my finger for support made me realize that he needs me. At my age of 12 my mother was suffering from cancer and all my family members were devastated but we hold each other and made my mother come through by the grace of Allah and then I realize we all are important for each other. I always try to help my friends in their problems when they need. The plants I grow in my balcony, they need me for watering them and for taking care of them. I’m tutoring some children to helping them out in their studies. I earn beside my study to help my retired father in my family expenses. In this COVID situation I’m trying to help the needed persons surrounding me by my small deeds. And I know I matter to all of them as well as I matter to myself.

What I want to do to become important for the world

In future I wish to do something to help the world on a large scale with my work using my knowledge. As a girl I know the impact of gender discrimination on women in all over the world, so I want to make the women to understand that they can do all the things they want to do on their own, they can role the world and also can help others but for that they have to be confident and self dependent. I want to help the indigent persons, work for them, speak for them and stand beside them. I want to make the world a better place to live by helping all the creatures surrounding me.

The few words I want to spread

Don’t live for them whom you need, live for them who need you then you will understand your value. If you can do nothing to help others then just say good words because the people surrounding you might listen to you. Never in your life ever think about giving up on your life because the world need you to make it better. We the young generation are responsible for making a better world so let's work for it.

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