Why I am existing in this world?

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I am Pulak. I am a CSE student and I love to work as a freelancer. I love to do writing and programming.

Why I am existing in this world?

What enabled me to being in this world?

The purpose of life is to live. Social life is possible when there is community harmony and a feeling of brotherhood among its members. The institutions of the family and marriage contribute to harmonious coexistence in a society. Peaceful coexistence is the main key to a successful life.

Purpose of a human being

Society has been divided into rich and poor since time immemorial and since money became fashionable. This great division is the cause of many despairs in life. If people learn to cooperate and be generous and to be imbued with a philanthropic attitude towards those in need, then one can not only be happy but also make others happy.

My Importance

I am the only person who can be mine

I important because this planet has more than 7 million people and yet I am the only person who is exactly like mine. Take for instance, my fingerprints they are unique and yet I am the only one with them. Ideally, all different differences and different experiences. The idea that one of us has a different way of life means that we all have different stories. Create or not, this simple thing is increasingly crucial. Because you are not for a second, you are not allowed to think differently.

I can create something which can help other

I have the ability to make a stranger’s day

I know you’re wondering how this is possible. Well, I don’t need to be a superhuman to put a smile on someone’s face; all I need this little acts of random kindness. Take a look at myself and note that I am every bit capable of making a stranger’s day brighter. Whether it’s sheltering someone else with my umbrella on a rainy day, sharing a smile, helping an old lady across the street, getting a bottle of water for a foreign worker or offering up my seat to someone else, I possess the power to make a stranger’s day even if I am unable to make my own.

I can be a leader to give others guideline

Can be a passionate and genuine leader!

Leadership is all about influencing and inspiring others. Of course, I have to do this in a positive way, so the people you lead can achieve their own greatness. As mentioned earlier, all of us are unique, meaning we have different abilities and talents. And being a leader can be one of those abilities. If I find myself in any leadership position, lend a helping hand, provide encouragement, and make a difference in the lives of others

Inspire others to overcome their problems

To greatly inspire others

While I am busy trying to be more of someone else and less of me, remember, someone somewhere is doing the exact same thing: Wanting to be me. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, note that my talent can greatly inspire someone. Talent doesn't have to be an absolute one, like painting, playing soccer, or drawing, but I know I can inspire someone (including a complete stranger) with whatever I have on hand.

As a human being everyone have their onw special power

You are a human being

I am an active, living, breathing human being. That should be enough. I occupy space on this earth; not useless space, but space that matters; space that can make a difference. I light up the world with my body and soul, and above all, I am ALIVE. I am alive and this only means one thing; I am yet to accomplish everything I need to. It matters, not only for me, but also for others. I am alive for a reason and I have the power to control that. Be positive, be happy, and most importantly, be yourself, because I am important in every aspect of my own.

What are the reasons for being like a valuable person?

Fundamentally, my value originates from the essence of my entity. I am a conscious and rational individual. This recognition of my essence surrounds me with an intrinsic value. Other creatures like me recognize the same truth. From this truth we value each other.

Being like a valuable person

Value allows us to form a contract to maximize our well-being and minimize our discomfort. We form a society. By accepting to be part of the society, you accept the terms of the contract and thus become responsible to the members of the society or rather the representation of the society known as the government.

I am a person who is advancing in his goals of becoming a healer and educator. In other words, trying to promote the welfare of society. Therefore, a functional member of society. A valuable member of society.

My Creativity


People love problem solvers. You love to solve problems at work - that's creativity at work. Do you love painting and photography? People admire artists. So who cares if it doesn't make money? Keep doing what you're doing.[ Picasso ]

My Ability to Love

Ability to Love

Your friends and family are close for a reason. You obviously make them smile and you value their time. The care and attention that you give to each and every one of your relationships is one of the many reasons people love you. Don't you think so? Check all the emails that your friends and family have written to you. How many thanks do you realize? Better yet, do you have handwritten cards or thank you notes that people have sent you and saved? Obviously, the way you show love to others has had a bigger impact than you thought.

My Responsibility


Responsibility is a such kind of characteristics which enables us to do our work properly, carefully and timely. To make your identity you have work hard and most careful about your responsibility. So it is important for everyone because an irresponsible person cannot do his work properly. It will also help you to belong in the world. A responsible person always careful about his work, so he/she does not put off his work for tomorrow. Responsibility enables us to do our work freshly which helps us to get proper admiration. we can get factors in our life should be responsible.

My Positivity


Nobody knows how to put a positive spin on things like you. While many people focus on the problems at hand, you seek solutions. While some people complain when they eat a cold meal, you are grateful to be able to eat at such a lovely restaurant. Go ahead Buddha, spread the love!

My Courage


Think about all the difficulties you have been through. How else do you think you got through the hard times? It certainly wasn't because he got scared and buried his head in the sand it certainly wasn't fun, say, going through unemployment or even the loss of a family, but think about how others admired you when you braved stormy seas. Whether you realize it or not, you probably encouraged many others to be braver, like you.

Being brave also means taking risks. Do you think that what you have done so far in life is not risky? Remember those times when you got on a plane to go on vacation to Thailand or other places where English is not the first language. Many people would be terrified of doing something like that.

My Profile

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