Why I matter: Self realization

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Hello I am Shafiq Rahman. I am from Khulna, Bangladesh. I completed my undergrad from Northern University, Bangladesh.

Why do I matter?

There are many different people around us in this world. We can see differences in culture, difference in religion, caste and creed. But we all belong to the same class, that is, we all are humans. This is the fact that should matter the most in this world and we should be optimistic about it. Life is unpredictable and nothing can be specified with certainty. Sometimes, life gives us hard lessons yet we need to face it and move forward in life. We can share our experience with others and learn from them. Every individual is unique and matters in this world. There is definitely a purpose behind every soul. Otherwise, we would not be there in this world. This self-recognition is very important to boost our confidence, to motivate ourselves and to believe in the fact that we are no less than any individual. We cannot expect to have all the best qualities in ourselves but what we possess make us unique and different from others.

My Importance

Every individual matters and have the ability to make a difference. We should have faith in ourselves and that what helps us to grow. While I was in high school, I started working hard to achieve good grades. Initially everything seemed impossible but I continued my focus and my dream which helped me to reach my destination. So, belief in own-self is of outmost importance. I believe in spreading positivity and happiness and it matters to me the most. Being a teacher, I am a constant learner and teach others what I know. Even in my undergraduate days, I used to study as well teach my students. Unlike others, my friends and family matters to me the most


While doing things, we can face many hurdles. But we should always believe in our ability and move forward. This helps us to make an impact in our life and in this world too.

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