Why I matter and love most of myself

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Hello friends I am Abhay Sunny, studying in EEE, AIUB University. In the world I love myself the most.

I matter because I am beautiful. I matter, because my best friend loves me, I make my pet (cat) happy, my almighty put me here for a reason, still I have my whole life ahead of myself, someone somewhere is going to need me someday, I could be someone’s blessings, I could help someone going through what I am, I am lovely, I just couldn’t feel it. I matter, because I make other people happy, I don’t know what I can accomplish. My siblings grew up together with me, they love me, I have talents that world need.

If I am gone who will goanna to watch my favorite shows , I have a lot to live for. Now let’s come to the topics why you also matter, You matter there's a reason I want to make sure you understand the reason. The reason why you matter is because you'll never have you'll never be you'll never do. Are powerful beyond measure. Daddy wasn't in your life your mother wasn't in your life. I don't know you didn't have a mentor. I don't know what you may have never heard someone looked you in your eye.

Looked you in your soul and tell you that you not only matter your powerful. I want you to take your life to a whole new level. I want you not only to understand you matter. I want you to go in that mirror and say I matter. You can't activate life. You can't begin to experience life in the way you want to express. You can't have it. You can't be it. You can't do it into you activate. It's all in there. All your gifts all your talents all your everything you need to do to be what you've been called to do.

Your greatest hater is you your greatest hater is you your greatest fears you and I would just encourage you to give you a shot like you. You may never really get you a shot you know you've never given you a four year you've never given you 365 body you've never given you a hundred and twenty percent and I would just say to you I love you enough you're beautiful. You're unique you're wonderfully made you know stop looking for other people to validate you you're your essence you're your existence is validation enough you're here you are Successes all in your DNA and I would challenge you to live up to it is so much easier wrong it is so much easier to give up. It is so much easier that way. Give me. I dare you. To believe in yourself I dare you. I dare you to be courageous enough. To deal with the real you and let the world see that you meet that gifted that special place. You have to understand how much you mattered. Not just to you. How much you matter to others. I tell you. You operate in your gift. Not only do you. Liberate yourself. To liberate others. And. You force others to live a life that they never thought they believed. You be you and don't be nobody else and you stop letting you get off the hook you stop letting you get off the look that it was easy everybody would do it but I dare you to make the rest of your life. You are the best of your life.

The same reason I am telling you about that you really matters, I also matter on the same way.

Hope so you guys will like my content why we all matters.