Yes Obviously I Matters But Why?

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Hello good peoples!

It's me, Meherun Tonni. I m studying Accounting at Govt. Suhrawardy College, Laxmibazar, Dhaka.

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I'm a student, but I m a content writer too. Yeah, it may be nothing special to hear. But it matters because I matter. I'm doing something that is helping me to earn money and others to acquire knowledge. I'm a regular contributor of coolinventor wiki.

Today I'm going to discuss about something interesting. I'm a straightforward human being. Maybe I'm not a celebrity. Perhaps I'm not a cool guy. But I matter, why? Let's get into the write-up.

Why do I matter?

As I belong to a conservative Muslim family, my elders taught me that we are human beings who are the best creation of Allah and ummah of Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi wassalam. Our Holy Quran describes the best way we all matters.

Allah sent us to the world to serve him. He is the creator, and he made all of us with his pre plan; that's why we all matters. My religion Islam is the best all over the creature, which teaches us how to become an essential existence in this world.

If I remember my prophet Muhammad's history, then I found many reasons why I matter. We all know he was claimed as the best existence in the universe just because he was a man without errors.

But as we are human beings, we make mistakes sometimes. There is a saying," To err is human." But that doesn't mean you doesn't matter. I matter because:

I am a survivor


From the day you are born, you start living, but you become a survivor as you become mature. When you get to what is the world, it's a hardship to be alive.

I saw my mother fight to become our strength. From that day, I felt that I matter. She is a single mother who survived after lots of difficulties. Just give us a wonderful life. That's why I matter. She sacrifices her whole life to make us happy, that's why I'm here talking with you, along with a useful skill. Like her, she taught us to survive.

I am a sacrificer


I am a human being; sometimes, people hurt me badly and try to harm. But when I get to know, I try to forgive them. Sometimes I try to sacrifice my happiness to make others happy. Yes, I also get that lesson from my mother.

I am a warrior


That's right; I may be sacrificed. I may forgive you when you are not done anything unjust. I can never deal with injustice. That's I never fear to fight for justice. That's what matters.

Once I was almost broken with my depression. But when I realized that, life come ones and it will never come again. I wiped my tears and start living again. Then my family helped me to feel that I matters.

I am a helping being

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I always try to help others with all of my efforts and try to make others happy with my good works. I also try not to hurt anybody with what I m doing. Because my conscience asks me if what I am doing is right? What ever, I always try to move from my place and stand in someone else’s place to see life because everyone matters.

Delight Your Existence

You are some one and you exactly matter. Let people know that by doing something amazing. Just love people you will get back love. If you hate people, you will get back it. Remember -

I’m a happy man, because I am successful in what I do, of course; but what makes me most happy is I have people around me that I love and who love me back. This, for me, is the most important thing. Nobody likes to be alone.”

— Novak Djokovic

Wrapping up

There is no exact reason that I Matters. I mentioned some reasons, but there are some other reasons too. Nobody is useless until he or she becomes a criminal. "Every human being matters"- you have to pin that on your mind if you want to be an existence which matters.

Whatever happens in life, you have to be alive. If you are alive, you will become a survivor as well as a warrior. Maybe all people will not treat us in the same way but don't means you don't exist. Wrong peoples will make you feel that you don't matter. But you have to enhance your existence to reply to them that yes, I matters.

You will get such challenging situations in your life. But please don't let anybody to vanish your existence. Say no to suicide. Because your parents and your family love you so much, that is why you are here and your matters. At first, love yourself, make your strength that nobody can break you ever.

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