Bhasan Char: The Journey

  • Bhasan Char:  The Journey of Basheer


    Basheer was a well-known journalist from Cox's Bazar, Chittagong Division, Bangladesh. He really liked his journalism profession and reported on many different critical incidents at his hometown.  But none of his past news coverages shocked him more than the Rohingya refugee crisis. He knew Rohinya refugees started to come for shelter in Bangladesh back in 1970's, but the one in year 2017 was the most horrific!

    In October, 2017 he saw the largest number of Rohingya refugee families come to Bangladesh for shelter.  They went through the treacherous journey of crossing the Myanmar border to Bangladesh through the Bay of Bengal. Many lives were lost in this refugee crisis and brutal genocide.  Basheer reported on this tragic news in great details. His first trip was on Kutupalong where one of the largest group of Rohingya families took shelter.  He interviewed many Rohinyas and learned about their terrible plight.  He learned about their perilous journey. His final trip was to Bhasan Char,  the island where the Bangladesh Government decided to relocate the Rohingyas. 

    Today, Basheer is still aware of the conditions of the Rohinyas and how much hardship they are facing in their everyday lives. With severe shortages in everything at the refugee camp, the Rohinyas have no other choice but to rely on some of the forest resources at Cox's Bazar and Bandarban. For example, more than 1.1 million Rohinyas need fuel wood to survive in their camp today and they usually get these from their nearby forests.  Basheer had seen how this large migration had an impact on the forest regions as the forests were turning into barren land.  He personally knew several Rohinya families who started their dangerous journey from Myanmar and eventually relocated to Bhasan Char, Cox's Bazar.  He wonders whether Bhasan Char will solve everything!

    Now, for our quiz question today, answer the following: 

    How can you solve the Rohinya issue along with saving the forest regions where they live?  Please solve both problems in your answer 1) solve Rohinya issue  2) save the forest areas where they are now located

     Please try to write your answer in 185 words or less in the comments section below. Please submit your answer by July 2nd midnight, Bangladesh time. Then, we will share everyone's answers and start a discussion on this topic. The person with the best, practical, creative and non plagiarized answer will get $5. Runner-up will get $3. 

    Quiz concept prepared by Ariful Alam, Khulna University, Forestry Department 


    The winner of this quiz project is: 

    Rasheda Nisha (Winner  $5)


    Mesbah Abir (Runner-up $3)


    The best answers of this quiz project mostly recommended to utilize the help of the Rohingya people in different industries so they become a productive workforce for Bangladesh. Providing education and training through the government and NGOs are recommended. Regarding the forest issues, the contributors recommended to teach the Rohingyas about the problems of deforestation and penalize them if they destroy any forest resources. Tree planting programs and even biofuel and biogas were recommended to solve the fuelwood issues of the Rohingyas. Everyone's ideas had some new information in it. So thank you so much for sharing your ideas. Please scroll down to read everyone's answers. Stay tuned for more quiz in the future. 



  • Hymanti  Sarkar
    Hymanti Sarkar The number one solution for Rohingya issue is to return them to their homes safely and ensure their rights. But it’s not possible so quickly. So, the procedure should be running as well as our Govt. can give them food, protection, education, sanitation...  more
    June 30, 2021 - 1 likes this
  • Hymanti  Sarkar
    Hymanti Sarkar developing short-term Livelihoods activities for refugees, making them conscious about importance of forest in hilly area may protect forest land. Different NGOs, media should approach on this purpose.
    June 30, 2021
  • Tanni Biswas
    Tanni Biswas (1) The one and only solution for the Rohingya issues is to allow them to return to their homes, ensuring their safety and rights. But it can not possible now because of some political issues. Our government should have taken proper steps to solve the...  more
    July 2, 2021 - 1 likes this
  • Rashedul Islam  Saju
    Rashedul Islam Saju Though sending Rohingyas back to Mayanmar is the best solution of this problem, it's one of the toughest procedure too. Bangladesh govt can't force them to back Mayanmar. So it's confirm they'll stay there until the problem solved totally. Rohingyas fuel...  more
    July 2, 2021