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  • Jamil's Economics Enthusiasm


    It was a bright sunny day when Jamil setup his laptop in his room. He was curious to check if his Economics teacher assigned him any homework. In the COVID pandemic, online classes and digital homework were the norm of education for Jamil. He was a typical high school student in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He was an O'level student at Maple leaf International school and his Economics exam was coming up in two months. He liked business, commerce and economics in general and wanted to have a career in finance and banking. Just like any other students, his goal was to get an A in his O'levels Economics. 

    Jamil finally started his laptop, had a sip of milk, and quickly logged into to his school's e-mail account. As soon as he opened his e-mail, he received the following picture from his Economics teacher. Looked like he had some research to do!


    Now for our quiz question today, please answer the following: 

    How do you think women participation in job sector has helped Bangladesh economy?

    Please try to write your answer in 185 words or less in the comments section below. Please submit your answer by July 11th midnight, Bangladesh time. Then, we will share everyone's answers and start a discussion on this topic. The person with the most interesting, knowledgeable and non plagiarized answer will get $5. Runner-up will get $3. 

    --Quiz question and graph given by Wahid Mostafa Sir, Economics Teacher


    The winner of this quiz is: 

    Kanta Akter (Winner, $5)

    Kanta's answer was good because it highlighted how women's job participation in Bangladesh significantly improved, but she also emphasized the fact that women also do not get paid equally as men for the same work. So her answer covered all the the angles about this issue. The good and the bad!


    The runner up of this quiz is: 

    Zarin Sadaf Snigdha (Runner-up, $3)

    The good part of Zarin's answer was the emphasis on microfinances and how NGO's, BRAC were helping women in this regard. She highlighted the fact that women still have a long way to go in Bangladesh! So that pretty much highlighted everything in a nutshell. 

    Thanks to our other contributors  who participated in this quiz and enlightened us on this matter. Here are our other contributors: 


    Nanjiba Naowar


    Seefath Talukder 


    Shadman Chowdhury


    Nishat Tamanna 

    Hymanti Sarkar


    All their answers gave a good picture of the women's job participation in Bangladesh, such as how they have contributed tremendously in the export garment's sector, other businesses like technology, retail, banking, agriculture and more. So all good answers. Thank you to all of you for educating us with your knowledge.  



  • Nishat Tamanna
    Nishat Tamanna Women are almost half of the total population which is more than 8 crores. Without the participation of this huge population in the job sector, it wouldn't be possible for Bangladesh to be enlisted as a developing country. The largest contribution of...  more
    July 11, 2021
  • Hymanti  Sarkar
    Hymanti Sarkar Now-a-days women are working in every sector like public sector and private sector etc. In village side, they work in field, they rear cow, goat, poultry etc. By this way, they are making their economic condition better as well as our country. Women...  more
    July 11, 2021
  • Zarin sadaf  snigdha
    Zarin sadaf snigdha Today lets talk about how women participation in the job sector has led to massive impacts in the job sector of Bangladesh. According to a research by The Asia Foundation its seen that from 1999/2000 to 2016/2017 the number of female workforce has...  more
    July 15, 2021
  • Zarin sadaf  snigdha
    Zarin sadaf snigdha The GDP has seen extraordinary rises in the last few years & this is due to more of the population being involved in work & also women entrepreneurs have opened up the doors for others to earn. Women have also made home workstations such as product...  more
    July 15, 2021