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Physics Sep 2021 Journal

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    September 7, 2021 11:45 PM PDT


    One class was done with an O'level student and the meeting was about Gas Laws, pressure, absolute temperature and some other questions about the topic. 

    Asked our 8th grader about what syllabus and book is used in Physics in her class and got the following info: 


    Asked another 9th grader to share her physics syllabus and got the following: 

    Physics Syllabus link


    Majority of the students get their notes from teachers and buy the question papers. 



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    September 13, 2021 2:47 PM PDT

    Another O'level students taking exam in Jan, 2022 wants to start with lectures and the move to question papers.  Learned about exams and got all the materials. 


    Everyone wants to start with lectures mostly. 


    Grade 7 and 8 students did some ratio problems.  They all took a test on that. Here is a screenshot: 

    Most of our grade level students are getting lectures and then tests, then moving on to next topics.  In O'levels first all lectures are done, then question papers. 


    O'level student - went through vectors, scalars and motion


    9th grade - conduction, convection, radiation


    A'level - equations of motion with students