The Beginning

  • The Beginning



    Write a story titled ‘The Beginning’. Your story can be true or fiction. 


    If you want to work on this English writing project, please do the following:

    1) Accept this project by clicking on the 'Accept Project' button on this page. Click here to see a video on how to accept your project in your mobile phones. Apologies for the hazy video! In your desktop computer, accept project button should be at the top left of this page. Make sure you sign in to this site to see the 'Accept Project' button on this page.

    2) Write your answer in any word document or any other document, UPLOAD your document in google drive and make it visible to only Submit your writing by February 23rd, midnight, Bangladesh time.

    The person with the most interesting, non plagiarized and grammatically correct writing with the best vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and punctuation will get $10. Runner-up will get $5. We will announce the winner end of this month.

    All the best!


    The winner of this project is: 


    Shafkat Kanun (Winner, $10)

    Overall, Shafkat's story was very inspiring and full of practical ideas.  Click here to read his full story. 


    The runner up is: 

    Fahmida Begun (Runner-up, $5)

    Fahmida's story was also very practical and indirectly gave lots of interesting advice to readers. Click here to read her full story. 


    The other runner-up is: 

    Mujtaba Rafid (Runner-up, $5)

    Mujtaba's writing was based on real events and gave two biographies of individuals whose beginning and ending were different. So a very unique and creative way of writing.  Click here to read his full writing.