Q. What is Coolinventor.com?

A. Coolinventor.com is an educational community where members participate in different educational projects, quizzes and competitions. Winners and runner-ups of these projects are then paid based on the creativity of their work. The main goal is to highlight everyone's projects in our newsfeed  and then pay the best ones for educational purpose. Admins moderate in all the educational projects and activities.  

The topics of the quizzes, projects and competitions are released by the admins every month. All the members then start working on the same project. After submission, winners and runner-ups are chosen from every project and these contributors are then paid at end of the month. Sometimes, for the popular writing projects, there is a selection process where we select the 10 best writers to write on a topic. Again, the admins manage the selection process on a case by case basis in every project. 

In addition, this website conducts voting competitions between contributors and also gives awards/bonus to most innovative contributors and top earners. The goal of this website is to publish all ideas in our community, learn from each other and reward the best ones with prize money. We send the prize money end of the month in bKash or through other freelancing sites.  Please click here to check our newsfeed and read our latest updates.

We also have a referral system by which you can earn money from this site. Please keep on reading this page till the end to get idea on how to participate in all our projects as well as the referral program. 

Click here to see a video that highlights everything about this site. 


Q. How do I join Coolinventor.com?

A. To join the site, go to Coolinventor.com and click on Sign Up. Follow through the questionnaires and submit your request. Within 24 hours or less, an admin will approve your request if you seem to be a good fit for the site. We usually prefer school, college or university students to join our site, but anyone is welcome to sign up.  After you sign up, the admins decide whether you will be approved to join our site or not based on your qualification. Click here to see a document that shows step by step on how you can sign up in our site.

To sign up using a mobile phone:

Click here to see a video on how to sign up using mobile phone.

To sign up using Desktop computer:

Click here to see a video of how to sign up in our site using desktop computer.


Q. What happens after I get approved to join this site?

A. After you join the site, you will get a welcome message from the admin to accept friend request and you also have to join a Contributor group. This welcome message will give you all the required steps to get onboard.  Please click here to join this Contributor group after you are approved in our site. This will help you get the latest updates from our site (even if you do not want to contribute, please join). You can also click here to see a video of what to do after you are approved in our site. 


Q. How can I start participating and start earning money?

A. After you join, you can immediately start working on any active projects or quizzes in our site, or if there are no active projects then you can wait for the next project or quiz to be published. As mentioned before, many people might work on the same active project in our site, but in the end only the winner and runner-up from every project are paid. You can also participate in any active educational competitions. You can find all active projects in the following links.  And you can also click here to watch a video of how to start working on any active project.   

Click here to view all active projects here. Projects are longer compared to quizzes. 

Click here to see some of our quizzes. Quizzes are shorter projects. 

Click here to see some of the educational competitions. Competitions are also longer projects as it sometimes take a week to select winners and runner-ups.  


Q. How many projects do you publish a month and what kind of projects are they?


We usually publish several projects a month, so there are no fixed numbers. These projects are from science, literature, art, history, technology, etc. Usually these projects require you to write an essay type story or do some creative writing. If you want to participate in any project, you usually have to accept the project and then upload your project link on the project page by the deadline. Or you might have to participate in short quizzes on a certain topic. For quizzes,  anyone can send their quiz answers on the quiz page and the winner of the quiz gets cash reward for submitting the best answer. In voting competitions, we might give you a story with a problem and ask you to come up with a new idea to solve the problem. For every project or competitions, the admins give you the guidelines on how to participate. Sometimes, there is a selection process in some writing projects where we select a group of writers for one topic and then select winners and runner-ups based on their writing quality.  Dozens of members may work on the same project and submit their ideas. In the end, the Coolinventor admins review your work, rank them in terms of its creativity, share everyone's answers and then select winners and runner-ups. Members whose write-ups have more creative and innovative ideas make more money than less creative writers. 

Click here to view all the previous and active projects to get an idea.

Click here to see some of our quizzes.

Click here to see some of the educational competitions. 


Q: How much money can I earn per project, quiz, competition or anything else?

A. On average, members have been making anywhere between $2 to $10 per project or quiz in our site. You can earn around $20 from the voting competitions.  You can also refer your qualified friends to join our site. If they get approved in our site, then you get $1 for each referral. For example, if you refer 5 of your friends to join our site and all 5 of them get approved, then you get $5. There are certain rules for referral programs though, so please keep on reading till the end to know how to participate in the referral program in our site. Click here to see a video that shows how to find the payment for each project. 

And don't forget that you will also get paid if you are the Top Earner or Top Contributor every month as mentioned in the next section. 


Q: How do you select and reward the Top Earner or the Top Contributor every month? 


A: Top Earner prize:

Every month, we find out which contributor participated the most in our projects and also gave us the best quality work.  These contributors are the Top Earners and are given some bonus payments end of the month. Usually these contributors are our highest earners or the most innovative ones.  You can see the highest earners yourself in our newsfeed page as shown in the screenshot below and you can also click here to see a video on how the Top Earners are chosen: 



Top Contributor Prize: 

The admins update every contributors 'Top Achievements' section in their profile page every month.  This section helps the admins decide who contributed the most creative projects in our site and hence is the Top Contributor of the month. These top contributors also get bonus payment end of the month. The following screenshot shows you the Top Achievements button on a profile page and admins heavily use it to select top contributors every month. Please click here to see a video on how these Top Achievement's page work. 


Q: Where else can I find the top earners and the top contributors of this site? 


A: Top Contributor from a school or a specific category (Analysis menu tab): 

We also have a menu tab called 'Analysis' where the you can go and search the top 5 contributors in every school or category such as science, technology, agriculture, etc.  Click here to see a video of how the analysis page automatically selects the top contributors from every school and category. This 'Analysis' tab also helps the admins select and keep track of the top contributors in the site. 


All the top contributors' names are published in our forum every month.  Click here to see our forum section where we announce the top earners and contributors every month. 


Q. Where do the members write the articles or project answers?

A. For every project, the admins will give you guidelines on how to submit your writing or quiz answers. Usually you can write your answers in any word document or google docs and upload your project link on the project page. Or for quizzes, you just have to write your answer in the comment box in the quiz page. Again, for every project, quizzes or competitions, the admins will give you detailed guideline on how to submit your project. Click here to see a video which shows how projects, quizzes or competitions are generally submitted. 


Q: How many projects, quizzes, and competitions do you announce each month?

A. We do not have any fixed numbers. It depends on the workload of the admins every month. But on average, we try to publish at least 2 to 3 projects a month. 


Q: How do I get paid?

A. We pay you by bKash, or Rocket accounts at the end of every month. If you have any freelancing account like Upwork, then we also pay you in Upwork too so you can build your freelancing profile. 


Q: What are the benefits of joining Coolinventor?

A. If you are a college or university student who want to earn some money by writing innovative and creative essays and write-ups, share quiz ideas or participate in educational competitions, then you can join Coolinventor.com. As mentioned before, we post variety of educational projects for our members, post quizzes and riddles, do voting competitions between most innovative contributors and give bonus money to the top contributors and earners. Here is the breakdown of the US dollar amount you might be making by contributing in this site:

* Writing projects – you can earn between $2 to $10 depending on your writing quality and if you are selected as either the winner or runner-up

* Quizzes - you earn between $2 to $10 from quizzes if you are selected as the winner or runner-up

* Voting competitions - payments for this varies. People usually earn between $5 to $20 on competitions 

* Top Earner and top contributor bonus: payments for this also varies

* Referral system - You can earn $1 from each of your referrals who get approved in the site. So you can make $10 if you refer 10 of your friends to join our site and if they all get approved.  To know more about how to participate in our referral program, please read the following section. 


Q. How can I earn money from this site through the referral program?


A. You can tell your family or friends to join our site if you think they might be qualified enough to work on our educational projects. If any of your friends get approved in our site by the admins, then you will earn $1 for that referral. So for example, if you refer 5 of your friends to join our site and all five get approved, then you earn $5.  So you get $1 for each approval.  To participate in this referral program you need to follow these guidelines:


* You can participate in our website's referral program if you have worked on two projects in our site and know our site well enough to              refer it to others.


* We encourage you to refer family and friends who are good in English, understand instructions well and can use common technologies like          computer, phones and internet.


* We prefer school, college or university students who are in the process of learning new things. 


* If any of your friends or family members are interested to join our site, then they need to email us at coolinventor17@gmail.com with their name, educational info and the name of the person who referred them to join our site.  One of the admins will contact your friend within 24 hours and get them approved in our site if they seem like a good fit. Several of our members who are good in marketing did well very in this job. 


* The best way to refer someone to our site is by sending them this 'About Us' page or any of the project pages and asking them to participate in that project to earn money. 


Click here to see a video of how you can refer your friends or family to join our site in an easy way. 



Q: How can I connect with other members from my school or with people with similar interests in education? 


A: We recommend that you friend the admins and connect with other members of the site from the same school as you or who have similar interests as you. Click here to see the page where you can search members from different Bangladeshi schools and interest categories. Also, you can click here to see a video on how to search and find members from your school or see people who have similar interests as you. 



Q: Who can I contact for more questions?


A: If you have not signed up and have more questions, then please send your questions to coolinventor17@gmail.com.  The admins will try to get in touch with you within 24 hours. 

If you have already signed up, please join this group and post your questions in the group. You have to join the group to post questions. Here is the group link: Coolinventor Contributors Group

Also, you can contact these following admins for any questions. You can directly message them after you are approved in the site and have accepted their friend requests.  

Admin 1

Admin 2

Click here to see a video on how to post questions in our site OR contact the admins.