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    Coolinventor Admins

    This is the group where anyone can post questions about Coolinventor. For example, how to use the site, earn money, etc. We are the admins of this site, so we are here to help you. Please contact us for any questions.
    led by Fatima Ahmed

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    Cool Inventor Contributors

    This group is ONLY for the members who are committed to contribute their articles or videos in this site. If you are a new member or want to contribute, then please join this group and friend me so I can assist you with the topic.
    led by Fatima Ahmed

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    Cool Inventor Contestants

    This is a private group for ONLY the contestants interested to participate in the Cool Inventor competitions. If you are interested to join this group, please contact the admin Fatima Ahmed.

    This group will give all the information to participate in...  more
    led by Fatima Ahmed

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    The Judges

    This group is solely for the judges who will critique the videos submitted for voting!
    led by Fatima Ahmed