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The other day, a random horticulture show came up which reminded us of Shykh Seraj. Pretty much all Bangladeshis's know him today as he had been doing agricultural/horticulture shows since the 80s. His job is to find out problems and solutions that many gardeners and farmers face. Horticulture can be difficult if there are harsh weather, large cost of farming technology, and transportation issues. In addition, beginning gardeners might get frustrated as it takes knowledge, time, effort and the perfect combination of water, light, temperature, humidity, and nutrients to grow perfect plants every time. Our quiz this week is, how can you invent a technology that can solve all these horticultural problems and speed up the horticultural process? Just a reminder, that the internet has tons of solutions to these problems, but we will award $3 to the person who comes up with the wildest idea that has not been mentioned anywhere. Please comment below with your answer very BRIEFLY as this is not a wiki!
  • Meherun Tonni
    Meherun Tonni Next I joined the tank line with the pond. 3rd I covered all the plant area with a thin pipe . The process is when the motor will start through a reminder 3 times day . This water will first go to the fish pond. Then the new water will be stored there...  more
    Jul 11
  • Meherun Tonni
    Meherun Tonni And in this way the tree will get water on time with this same process . And I made a shelter over the plants and made holes on this. In this way they will get proper light and humidity and will prevent over temperature. That is how In my roof top my...  more
    Jul 11
  • Nyhan Arbab
    Nyhan Arbab AS like I love agricultural works, it just makes me to the hobby. I have 3 acres of
    land behind the city. I cultivate various seasonal vegetables in my land. I
    just clearly saw that most of my vegetables spoiled by insects. I had some
    ideas generate on...  more
    Jul 12
  • Kabid Hasan
    Kabid Hasan We cannot change natural things like humidity, temperature and so on. But surely, we can adjust.
    The following to simple steps will make horticulture handy.

    1. Just like "International Movie Database (IMDb)", we need to create a database for...  more
    Jul 29