Dhaka: Decentralization Discussion

  • Dhaka:  Decentralization Discussion


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    There are 8 divisions and 64 districts in Bangladesh, yet it feels like 100% of the population lives only in Dhaka, the capital. Looks like there is very little activity elsewhere in the country compared to Dhaka. More than half of Bangladesh are rural areas. 

    Now image this:  You finished high school!  You worked hard day and night and your exam results were outstanding. 


    You wanted to study in the one of the top engineering institutions in Dhaka. One of the leading university had 500 spots, but 5000 students applied. Alas! You were not able to get admission into your top choice university. Even after graduating from some of the top universities, many students were jobless. And so were you! Everybody preferred to stay in Dhaka and not go anywhere else in Bangladesh for jobs. It is usually a cycle from which few people have any interest to come out, even though they can! 

    One day, while you are wandering in the streets, a stranger comes to you and gives you 10 lakh BDT or Bangladeshi taka. The Stranger asks you to leave Dhaka for good and use that money to settle anywhere else in Bangladesh. The main criteria is to use that money creatively and self-employ yourself in any other district in Bangladesh, but NOT Dhaka. You cannot go abroad or in any other foreign country either. 

    You also had some savings from your college life when you worked part-time. With these capital resources, you decide to make the first and bold move to leave Dhaka and go to another Bangladeshi district to make a living.  But which district will you choose?  Why will you choose that district and how will you make a living in that district with that money from that Stranger? 

    For our next riddle or quiz, please answer the following questions: 

    If you had the opportunity, resources or capital, then WHICH district in Bangladesh will you choose to settle down? WHY will you choose that district? HOW will you make a living in that new district with your knowledge and resources?

     Remember, you can choose any district other than Dhaka and you cannot go abroad. You have to stay in Bangladesh. The main concept is not to make Dhaka the central hub anymore and bring change all over Bangladesh, so one district does not have to carry the load of an entire population. 

    If you want to participate in this quiz, simply answer these questions in the comment box below. Sometimes comment box can only accept certain amount of characters, so please keep an eye on that. OR you can send your answers in any document and e-mail it to coolinventor17@gmail.com. This is a QUIZ and NOT a wiki or contest. So please write your answers as briefly as possible instead of writing long answers. Only one winner will be chosen from this quiz project and the winner will get $5. Please give us your answers by April 11th midnight, Bangladesh time.  After that, we hope to resume our discussion on this topic.  


    The winner of this project was Nishat Tamanna and runner up was Towhidur Rahman Moheed.  Click here to see their answers. 



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  • Tahira Zarin
    Tahira Zarin I would love to choose Keshabpur, Jessore. The reason I choose this area because it is well known for using solar power and according to weather this area is good for harvesting agricultural foods. I would like to spend 1/3 of my money to invest on solar...  more
    April 10, 2021
  • Abhay Sunny
    Abhay Sunny I would like to choose Kuakata district of potuakhali under divison of Barishal. Kuakata is called the daughter of the sea. I really love sea, I visited there in 2016. There i saw the unlimited beauty of nature. But maximum people in there are...  more
    April 10, 2021
  • Noorjahan Binte Farhana
    Noorjahan Binte Farhana I will choose the bandorbon district which is under Chittagong division. Bandorbon is a place where you will find the heaven of nature. I always cherished a plan one day i will live in Bandorbon. There i will established a research centre where many...  more
    April 10, 2021
  • Fatima Ahmed
    Fatima Ahmed Thank you for submitting all the quiz answers everyone. We are in the process of checking them and will announce the winner soon.
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