Rafiq's Network Effect

  • Rafiq's Network Effect


    Rafiq is a student of a reputed public university in Bangladesh. He is the only educated member of his family. He lived with his family in the village until he was admitted to the university.

    As the family's financial situation was very bad, he decided to bear the cost of his own education after being admitted to the university. After trying for a while, he was able to get some tuition. He used to earn a good amount of money from tuitions. From there he would pay his own expenses and deposit some money in the bank.

    In 2020, the world began to be infected with the Covid virus in a dangerous way. Covid infection was also detected in Bangladesh in March. The university administration declared the university closed due to security concerns. As a result, Rafiq was forced to return to the village. At first, everyone thought that the effect of the virus would decrease in a few days. But after a few months, the infection did not subside. As a result, the university administration decided that the educational activities would be started online.

    Online classes, exams and assignments start in a few days. But online classes are emerging as a new disaster for Rafiq. He did not have the necessary mobile or laptop to join classes. He bought a smartphone with his savings. But after buying a smartphone, it was seen that there was no network available to join classes in his village home. Even if he can take part in the class in any way, he can't hear anything from the teacher clearly. He walked to the next village every day to get a better network, but can’t find any place to sit to listen to his class. This is how he managed to continue for a month.

    After the month rainy season started and the weather became unpredictable, so he couldn’t go to the next village every day. And due to the high price of the internet in Bangladesh, the money he has saved is gone in a few days. The village did not have enough students for tuition and his family could not afford to pay for his education. After trying many ways, Rafiq decided not to join online classes as the network problem could not be solved and he could not afford to buy any internet pack. And he plunged into despair.

    Universities in Bangladesh have been closed for a long time. And Rafiq has only attended online classes for two months. Rafiq is currently far behind his classmates due to not join classes for a long time and not being involved in educational activities.

    Now Rafiq is eager to overcome his frustration and return to his educational activities. There are several major obstacles in front of him. Firstly, he does not have an adequate network at the home; secondly, he does not have money to buy internet packs; thirdly, he cannot afford to earn money.

    Suddenly he sees the light of hope. The students he used to teach in Dhaka contacted him again. Since their school is closed and there are no teachers available to teach at home for lockdown. They asked him if he could come back to Dhaka and returned to the tuition. But the current Covid situation is so much risky in Dhaka and living cost outside of hostel is so much expensive.  So he couldn’t return to Dhaka. But his students make another option; they said that they want to continue online class with Rafiq. This was a big hope for Rafiq. If he can do those tuitions online, he will be able to continue his university’s class with the money.  But his hopes are dashed because he will not be able to teach the students online due to network problems. As a result, he again gave up his hope. Only if the network problem is solved, Rafiq will be able to do those tuitions. Furthermore, he will earn some money to bear his educational cost. Unfortunately, he can’t find any solution. Moreover, his family wants him to get a job quickly. Without finding any solution, he becomes upset again and starts thinking that he will not continue study anymore. 

    For our discussion quiz today, please answer the following: 

    How can Rafiq solve this network problem so he can get better internet connection anywhere in an affordable way? So, please focus on two things: 1) How to get high speed network or internet anywhere  2) Get it in an affordable way 

    Please write your answer in 185 words or less in the comments section below. Please submit your answer by May 20th. Then we will share everyone's answers and start a discussion on this topic. The person with the most creative and practical answer for this quiz will get $5. 

    -- Quiz concept designed by Shafaat Shams


    The winner of this quiz project was Anika Drishti and runner up was Taarik Hasan. Please scroll down and see their answers in the comment box. 



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  • Khadeeza Afruz  Shammee
    Khadeeza Afruz Shammee To start the tuition, Rafiq needs to solve his problem immediately with an affordable cost. In villages, the power supply is often cut off. Rather, setup for Ethernet or wireless WIFI connection is expensive, except for SIM. So, here is my idea:
    -A...  more
    May 20, 2021
  • Shahriar Dipto
    Shahriar Dipto It can be done in two ways.
    1.Getting broadband connection, & connecting it to a router that will cost 2-3 thousand tk for setup and 5-800 tk monthly.
    2. If it's not possible then, second option is buying a router (which can be connected to a modem), a...  more
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  • Nishat Tamanna
    Nishat Tamanna I will suggest him to buy a sim network booster. Though this device is a bit expensive (10,000 TK), it has no additional cost for set up. It is free of all the hassle of set up. He will also be able to share the connection with a good number of...  more
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  • Tanjina Akter
    Tanjina Akter The solution could be a POCKET ROUTER. He can place the router on the top of the roof or on the bamboo head. Since the pocket router can move easily and all types of SIMs are supported, he can use it anywhere.

    Rafiq is a University student who earns...  more
    May 20, 2021