Games R' Us Giraffes - $7 Mathematics Quiz

  • Games R' Us Giraffes - $7 Mathematics Quiz


    David’s project deadline was approaching soon. That day, he was still sitting at his desk after office hours and was still thinking the best way to finish his project on time. He was exited after getting his new job at the popular toy company Games R’ Us.

    David was a product development engineer at Games R’ Us toy company. Two weeks ago, his manager handed him the Giraffe O’ Donnas sample toy figures that were very popular toy item at his company. The Giraffe O’ Donnas were two similar wooden giraffe toys of different sizes. One giraffe toy was bigger than the other one, but they were similar. Since David was the product development engineer at that company, his manager asked him to find the dimensions of the two sample toy giraffes for more manufacturing orders at the company.

    David’s main job was to find the proper length and volumes of the toy giraffes and put those dimensions on the manufacturing order document. That day, while working, David had an idea. He quickly stood up, grabbed his measuring scale and came up with some measurements pretty quickly. He found out that the bigger wooden giraffe had a height of 6m and smaller one has a height of 4m.  He recalled that his manager told him that the volume of the larger giraffe was 5400 .  Following is the diagram David drew on his paper. 

    His final task was to find the volume of the smaller giraffe and that was it!


    Now, for our quiz question today, please answer the following: 

     What approach will you take to find the volume of the the smaller giraffe AND what is the volume of the smaller giraffe? Please mention how your calculation format or formula will work and why it will work the way you are demonstrating. 

    Please try to write your answer in 185 words or less in the comments section below. Do not send your answer in e-mail or share google drive file links for this quiz. Please submit your answer by August 1st midnight, Bangladesh time. Then, we will share everyone's answers and start a discussion on this topic. The person with the best, clear, easy to understand and non plagiarized answer will get $7. Runner-up will get $3. Please try to explain your answer to a non-technical audience with zero mathematics knowledge.  So its not what you say, but how you say it to make your answer easy to read and understand!

    --Quiz concept designed by Ashifur Rahman, Mathematics Teacher


    The winner of this quiz is: 


    Zakaria Ahomed (Winner, $7)

    Zakaria's answer used an approach that was easiest to understand for a person with no math knowledge. He pretty much described every aspect of the calculation without skipping any information and that helped a lot to understand the concepts, especially for the newbies in math. 


    The runner up is: 

    Tanveer Tausif Ratul (Runner-up, $3)

    Tanveer did a good job in explaining the formula using different scenarios and that helped to understand everything clearly. 

    All the other descriptions were also good and it was nice to see how different people solved the same math problem using different approaches and explanations and came with the same result.  Some explanations need more clarification, but overall good effort from everyone and thank you so much to all! 



  • Shaikh Nafisa  Binte Fahad
    Shaikh Nafisa Binte Fahad ''How will it work?''
    In question, it represents the subject of ‘similarity statistics’. This means that the ratio of height, length, and width will be the same.
    In the equation, we are seeing that the dimension of both the values are different which...  more
    July 31, 2021 - 1 likes this
  • Noorjahan Binte Farhana
    Noorjahan Binte Farhana There is given Small and tall giraffe height. And the tall giraffe volume is 5400 meter queb. volume= length × width × height.
    consume the length X and width Y for tall and small giraffe
    so, for tall giraffe...  more
    August 1, 2021
  • Jesmin Akhter
    Jesmin Akhter given,
    Bigger giraff height = 6m
    And the volume of bigger giraff = 5400m^3
    we know a formula...  more
    August 1, 2021
  • Nur E ferdus Monika matin
    Nur E ferdus Monika matin At first, it is mentioned that both giraffes are similar. That means the ratio of height, length,
    width, and the dimension of each part will be the same for the two Giraffe. The volume of a
    three dimensional figure is- volume= length X width X height so,...  more
    August 1, 2021