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  • The Journey of the Ladybug


    I have black dots on my red body. The shape of my body is round or half-sphered. I have six short legs and antennae. You may not know this, but I use my attractive colors and spots to fend of my predators! People call me the ladybug. 

    The other day, I was walking in a beautiful garden. All of a sudden a giant hand grabbed me from the side.  I was extremely scared! To defend myself, I immediately secreted a fluid from my leg to give a foul smell. But that did not help! That giant hand put me inside a small container and closed the lid.  All I could see inside that container were some plants and wet soil. There were some gravels and charcoal in the container too.  I thought I would not survive in that closed container as there was no air.  

    However, I passed several days inside that closed container.  Surprisingly, I am still alright.  I even saw some new plants grow around me, even though the container is still closed. Nobody ever opened that container after I moved in there.  I love the sunlight inside this container. Apparently, this closed container is not as bad as I thought! Looks like I can still eat and survive in this container even if it is always closed!

    For our quiz question today, please answer the following: 

    How can the ladybug and plants still survive in that closed container since there seems to be no air in that container (as the lid is always closed)?

    Please try to write your answer in 185 words or less in the comments section below. Do not send your answer in e-mail or share google drive file links for this quiz. Please submit your answer by October 14th midnight, Bangladesh time. Then, we will analyze everyone's answers and start a discussion on this topic. The person with the best, logical, easy to understand and non plagiarized answer will get $7. Runner-up will get $5.  Remember, it is not what you say, but how you say it to make your answer easy to read and understand!


    The winner of this project is:

    Jubayer Rahman (Winner, $7)

    Jubayer is the winner of this project because his answer covered most of the important points in this quiz project. Photosynthesis, source of oxygen and food for the ladybug. He won $7. 


    The runner-up of this project is:  

    Nusrat Meem (Runner-up, $5)

    Nusrat is the runner-up of this project because she also covered all the important points in her quiz answer: photosynthesis, water condensation that falls back into the container for the plants to grow, ladybug getting food from the plants.  She won $5. 


    For this quiz project, there were several things we were looking for in the quiz answer.  They were: 

    1)  Photosynthesis:  since the closed container gets both sunlight and water, the plants can make their own food and produce oxygen as byproduct. 

    2) Condensation:  The closed container has some water in the soil. The same water vaporizes from the sunlight heat, then condensation occurs in the container and the same water falls back on the soil to help the plants grow. 

    3) Oxygen and plants for ladybug:  Since the plants produce oxygen during photosynthesis from sunlight, the ladybug uses that oxygen to survive in that closed container. The ladybug also has plants as its food source in the container. 

    Therefore, even if the container stays closed for days after days, the plants and ladybug are supposed to survive because the closed container is a complete ecosystem. 

    The person who covered majority of the above points in their answer in a concise format were selected as the winners. Thank you to everyone for participating in this quiz. Stay tuned for more!



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  • sadia islam safa
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    Digbijoy Azad The ladybug is living in an ecosphere. However, the ladybug is not alone. Bacteria, protozoa, algae, smaller worms, and plants are also crucial members of the jar.
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