The Simple Loudspeaker - $12 Physics Quiz

  • The Simple Loudspeaker - $12 Physics Quiz


    The following diagram shows the construction of a simple loudspeaker. 



    A coil of wire is wrapped around a paper tube attached to the loudspeaker cone. 

    When there is an alternating current (a.c.) in the coil, the cone moves.  

    For our quiz question today, please answer the following: 

    Explain how the loudspeaker produces a sound wave


    If you are interested to participate in this quiz project, please send your quiz answer to by April 28th, midnight, Bangladesh time.  In your quiz document, please make sure you include the following so we can identify you:

    Your full name

    Coolinventor profile link

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    We will share everyone's answers to learn. The person with the best, easy to understand and non-plagiarized  answer will get $12. Good luck to all!


    Please see the top three answers for this quiz in the following.  Unfortunately, there were some plagiarism in all the answers, so we could not pay the full amount to the winner and runner-up. We reduced the amount between the top three participants. Here they are: 


    Shafkat Kanun (won, $6)

    Shafkat's answer covered all the points properly in his quiz.  He followed all the instructions of this quiz in his project. Added a diagram too!  He won $6. Click here to see his full answer. 


    Jubayer Rahman (won, $6)

    Jubayer also covered all the important points in his answer and wrote the answer in a very easy to understand manner.  He also won $6. Click here to see his full answer. 


    Sadia Islam Safa (won, $5)

    The good thing about Sadia's answer is its completely plagiarism free. A little more elaboration that covered all the points would have been much better. She won $5. Click here to see her answer. 


    We will send the prize money to the above participants in bKash tomorrow. By the way, this quiz was taken from an O'level Physics exam to test your knowledge on Physics. Thank you all!



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