Anwar's Different Perspective - $5 English Writing project

  • Anwar's Different Perspective - $5 English writing project


     Anwar just completed the last level of his Mario Cart video game. Unlike all other students in his class, Anwar was an introvert and did not look like the typical 9th grade student. He was not very social in his school. He spent most of his time within his own circle of friends by playing video games or watching science fiction movies.  On the other hand, Anwar was also extremely creative with lots of imagination.  He always liked to do things in new ways rather than traditional methods. Several of his friends even used to make fun of him because of his awkward personality!

    It was exactly 8:30pm on a Wednesday night when Anwar finally sat on his desk to study. He really liked to write short stories and essays and generally liked his English teacher's assignments. Anwar was super exited to start his writing because that day's assignment was different. It was his topic! The following is the assignment his teacher gave him that day: 


    "Is it necessary to call someone a loser just because he failed in something? Well, to be honest most of us would consider it in that way. But does it mean that not to be good in something is always a bad thing? Can’t we learn from our mistakes?

    Well the answer to that is of course we can. In fact, every time we do something wrong we learn from it, that’s how we know how we can rectify our mistakes.

    To face the reality of life you will be judged many times for doing something wrong, something that you are not good at or doing something new. Now if you see things more practically everything has a start. No man is born perfect or knows everything from the beginning.

    We all are beginners at first and thus it is very obvious to make mistakes. But does it stop us to do something new or something out of the ordinary? Of course not, when you do learn something new and you do the mistake but you try to fix it by improving yourself that’s when you know how much of a creative mind you can have with your work or anything you want to do.

    There is this saying, ‘Failure is the key to success’ reason why, because every mistake teaches us something.

    It’s all on you to maintain your focus to set up the goals of your life, and the only way you can achieve it is to keep practicing. After all ‘Practice makes a man perfect.'

    Now, for our writing project today, tell us your one best example of life from loser to winner! The process, the attempts, and good detailing of your answer is required. 

    Please try to write your answer in 185 words or less in the comments section below. Please submit your answer by July 16th midnight, Bangladesh time. Then, we will share everyone's answers and start a discussion on this topic. The person with the best, creative and non plagiarized answer will get $5. Runner-up will get $3. 

    --Essay writing assignment prepared by Ms. Munira, English Teacher


    The winner of this writing project is: 

    Mujtaba Rafid (Winner, $5)

    Mujtaba's writing was short, simple and very well written as it resonates with many people.  His writing was impactful and still within word limit and that is usually a challenge. That is why he was selected as the winner. 

    This time it was a rare writing project as we selected two runner-ups from this writing. Therefore, the runner-ups of this project are: 

    Shadman Chowdhury (Runner-up, $3)

    Shadman's writing included a creative point which mentioned that one of the best ways to get rid of your shyness is to join clubs and activities that you really enjoy. With this process, friendship might come more naturally instead of trying too hard because everyone is sharing the same interest and there is plenty to talk about. So, overall this was a good read!

    The other runner-up in this project is: 

    Tanveer Tausif Ratul (Runner-up, $3)

    Tanveer's story was a very personal and vivid! The sad event and the resulting hardships were very well-written to keep the readers wondering. Therefore, he is one of our other runner-ups. 

    The following are all the other contributors in this project and we highly value their writings.  Most of our writers in this project either was an introvert, shy or initially failed in their careers and their writings all mentioned those hardships and how they finally solve those problems. Everyone's writings were very interesting to read and we want to thank all the following contributors for sharing their short essays.

    Noorjahan Binte


    Taiba Anjum


    Nirjona Akter


    Faisal Ahmed


    Zarin Sadaf Snigdha


    Seefath Talukder


    Kanta Akter


    Rasheda Nisha


    Sumaiya Amir


    Nanjiba Naowar


    Raju Loodh


    Nafisa Binte Fahad


    Again, thank you all and there is more to come!  



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