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    August 14, 2021 3:08 PM PDT


    Hello!  Our website will be offering FREE Physics tutoring (O' and A'level physics or any levels of physics) services to students through Zoom. In these live Zoom meetings,  you will join a physics teacher and discuss topics where you need help to brush up your Physics skills or get ready for your upcoming exam.   The tutoring service will be offered to only two students for now, preferably from English medium schools in Bangladesh. 


    Sifatul Islam Kabbo, an electrical engineering student and former Maple Leaf International physics teacher will be teaching in these live Zoom video conferencing meetings. Click here to check out his profile page and to know more about him. 


    We will teach Physics concepts from the Edexel O' and A'Level syllabus or from your specific grade level syllabus, go over sample exam papers, textbook problems, and quizzes to brush up your physics knowledge. We will measure the progress accordingly based on feedback from student. Tutoring start and end dates are all flexible and it will de fixed with each students on a case by case basis.   Each session will be an hour long. All our Zoom call links and other tutoring resources will be given to the students in these sessions. In the meantime, please click here to check some of our latest physics quizzes and projects (we also have in math, business, etc) and how much the winners earned by working on these educational projects. Tutoring students will also have the opportunity to participate in these kinds of educational projects through this tutoring service.


    We also have an O' Level mentor with whom you can discuss all your problems in O'level and that is also free without any fees or tuition cost.  His name is Raihan Quddus. Click here to see his profile.  For example, you can discuss  any O'level physics problems with him, go over exam papers or even have a study group with him to prepare for an upcoming exam. He has good resources that may help you to better prepare yourself for the exam. 


    If you are interested to get these free live Zoom lessons with a teacher (without any tuition cost), then click here to fill out this form. This form is designed to know more about where you are struggling in Physics, so we can design our tutoring agenda accordingly. This is not a contract with us, so any students can try trial lessons and leave this service if they think it is not a good fit. All lessons are free anyway!   We will share additional teacher details only to students who are interested to know more about this service. Thanks. 

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