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Physics Aug 2021 journal

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    August 27, 2021 2:45 PM PDT

    Hello all, 

    We just conducted our first Zoom meeting between an O'level student and our Physics teacher Kabbo (here is his profile page).  The student, who is planning to take the O'level Physics exam this year, had some problems understanding the main concepts of Force and Motion.  Kabbo went over the basics of force and motion with the student. Here are some of the topics he covered: 

    gradient, velocity
    Forces - non-contact and contact forces
    normal reaction force
    Newton's Laws
    Gravitational force
    You can get a short glimpse of his tutoring session in the following: 
    Also, our O'level mentor Raihan Quddus has some good tips on how to prepare in your upcoming O'level exam. See his answers below in a Q&A format: 
    1) What items do the students need to go through before a physics exam? For example, do they only go through textbook and solve past question papers or are there anything else they need to cover?
    Raihan's answer: 
    Revising is like another way of studying the whole book but in less time, that's why I provide lecture notes of every chapter of physics and chemistry for my students, the book has a LOT of irrelevant stuff and contain less information, the lecture notes are a compact and better version of the book. Students need to go through the lecture notes (everyday, if possible) and before the exam, they should really look into experimental-based paper 2 questions.  So before the exam, go over the notes, past papers and ESPECIALLY the paper 2 experimental-based questions
    2) 1) Which physics textbook will be the best OR are there any online books they can use?
    Raihan's answer: 
    I normally recommend the official edexcel IGCSE physics student book. But, there is a much better and much DETAILED book, that is edexcel GCSE physics student book. 
    3) Where can they get the past question papers and how can they get the solved versions?
    Raihan's answer: 
    Shawon Notes and SaveMyExams are like my go-to sites for looking past papers, I have an organized folder in google drive that I provide for my students, the solved versions are the mark scheme Mark Scheme is like another book for physics and chemistry, there are information in the mark scheme that the normal textbook doesn't have, so mark scheme is as important as a textbook. 
    For video tutorials these places are good:  Khan Academy, jacksheldrake and Eddie Woo and theorganicchemistrytutor. 
    We will be coordinating all our discussions and resources through this new tutoring group. Click here to see. 

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    September 6, 2021 10:35 PM PDT

    Second class was conducted and the O'level physics students had problem in these topics: 

    Measuring acceleration, Hooke's Law,gravity and acceleration.

    Forces and Motion

    Student also had some problem with solid, liquid and gas. 

    Some student comments:

    "I haven't studied 2 sections by myself yet so I am skipping questions regarding them. In the classes being conducted, I want to first finish the small topics that I need help with then start the sections.By that time I will have gone through the sections myself so there will be less problems. As for question papers, I am doing them at coaching class. We started with 2019 and currently doing 2018.I would say I do not need help with question papers as I am trying to do them by myself and match the answers when my teacher from coaching class solves them."



    Going over notes and lectures

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