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September, 2021 Top Contributors

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    November 23, 2021 11:28 PM PST

    Top Contributors of September, 2021


    Shahreen Tunazzina

    Shahreen was the winner of our Physics project regarding solid, liquid gas and their temperatures.  She is our new rising star.  Click here to see her full project. 


    Nanjiba Naowar

    Nanjiba wrote a fantastic piece of article for our English creative writing project.  She is another top contributors of Sep, 2021. Click here to see her full article for which she reserved a spot in our top contributor page. 


    Digbijoy Azad

    Digbijoy wrote a movie script worthy essay in our site for which he became a top contributor in Sep, 2021. You can read his full story by clicking on this link


    Nazmus Shakib

    Nazmus Shakib brought in the highest number of members in our site in Sep 2021 and earned $25 from referrals alone. He was one of the highest earners that month. Congrats!


    There were many other participants of Sep, 2021 and we want to thank them all.  Since it is not possible to post everyone's names here, we apologize.  But all our members are valuable contributors of our site regardless if they won any project or not! So thanks again everyone. 


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    November 24, 2021 7:44 PM PST

    Congratulations to all