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  • Fatima Ahmed
    Fatima Ahmed: When I go online, donations are being asked everywhere. Sometimes I give donations to a person or to the charity I like. However, I sometimes think whether the entire money I donated goes to the person in need. I have heard that most of the charity...  more
    • Jun 3
    • Fatima Ahmed
      Nishat Tamanna In my donation app, fundraising would be done by blockchain system that uses cryptography for making every transaction transparent. Thus there will be a clear evidence of total raised fund. For the money spent clarification, along with picture and video...  more
    • Fatima Ahmed
      Aminul Islam I will create a website or app, where will be profile, sign up, sign in, friend request, message options. Donors and acceptors both can join by log in system and it would be free membership as well as privacy system will be highly secured.
      When Donors...  more
    • Fatima Ahmed
      Nurnahar Nisha Assalamualikum.You have presented a beautiful question. If I were a website developer I would create a website for donations where the donor would deposit his money through a specific code and this code would be given to people who are unable to meet...  more
    • Fatima Ahmed
      Shahriar Dipto Charity organisations must upload their approximate budget plan at first.If the donors like the budget plan and donate something, an id will be given to him, and that id will be updated to the list of donation with donated amount and time of...  more
    • Fatima Ahmed
      Sharmin Sultana If I were a web developer, I would make a donation website so that all our donations can be tracked by mobile notifications and security lock system
    • Fatima Ahmed
      Tamzid Rahman From my perspective, if I were a developer, I would have made a mobile application where all the charities can input info based on category like donation for needy family, donation for hospital treatment, donation for education, donation for mosque, etc....  more
    • Fatima Ahmed
      Noorjahan Binte It's quite difficult. Actually who is acceptable for donation money, they will not be familiar with mobile apps or website. i will make a chatbot in my website using ML & AI, so that donars and receiver can contact each other. both can talk and see each...  more
      • Jun 6
    • Fatima Ahmed
      Fatima Ahmed @ Nishat, your idea of adding bitcoin is a good one, but it may not be practical today because not everyone offers that service and since it is an electronic cash system,we dont know if money can be refunded or cancelled on time.
      @ Nisha it would be...  more