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  • Fatima Ahmed
    Fatima Ahmed: Hello everybody, our new quiz or riddle has been announced at this link. Please write your answer in the comments section. Winner of this quiz will get $5 and we might do another contest if there is a tie. Also, the contest between Ripon and Ajoy will...  more
    Artificial Intelligence Riddle - View Quizzes - Promote New Inve
    • Sep 13
    • Fatima Ahmed
      Animesh Paul In the Future If I will build my own AI assistant, then I would build an educational AI assistant. And this will be the one where the auto query will be selected where anyone can enter it and select the category of their choice. In this way, students...  more
      • Tue at 9:22 AM
    • Fatima Ahmed
      Asif Uddin Sazid COVID-19 is becoming a alarming disease in Bangladesh. As days are passing by people are also taking it lightly. Besides, there is no proper machine in our country that can detect COVID-19. There are many error in reports that are confusing people...  more
      • Tue at 9:52 AM
    • Fatima Ahmed
      Sajidul Islam If
      I were to build my own AI assistant then I would build it for
      simplifying administrative tasks of the educational institutions. AI can
      automate the issuance of administrative tasks for professors and...  more
      • Tue at 10:26 AM
    • Fatima Ahmed
      pulak islam Artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines.AI assistant is a very interesting future for us. AI assistant offer you very good thing and it’s important for us. If I have a chance to make my own AI assistant then I will obviously...  more
      • Tue at 10:52 AM
    • Fatima Ahmed
      Shahriar Dipto On this era of e-commerce, scammers are arising day by day. People are being cheated and losing trust on real online shops. That's why I would try to establishing a system of AI, all sell groups, pages, websites and platforms would be under it's...  more
      • Tue at 11:05 AM