Object That Matters



    Describe the object that matters the most to you.


    If you want to work on this English writing project, please do the following:

    1) Accept this project by clicking on the 'Accept Project' button on this page. Click here to see a video on how to accept your project in your mobile phones. Apologies for the hazy video! In your desktop computer, accept project button should be at the top left of this page. Make sure you sign in to this site to see the 'Accept Project' button on this page.

    2) Write your answer in any word document or any other document, UPLOAD your document in google drive and make it visible to only coolinventor17@gmail.com. Submit your writing by June 29th, midnight, Bangladesh time.

    The person with the most interesting, non plagiarized and grammatically correct writing with the best vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and punctuation will get $10. Runner-up will get $5. We will try to announce the winner end of the month.

    All the best!


    These are some of the best writers of this project.  We could not choose just one winner as many people's writings were pretty good.  



     Nazia Awal (won $7)


    Mujtaba Rafid (won $7)


    Both of their style of writing seemed realistic, typically written by non-English speakers.   Overall, it was interesting to read.  

    Click here to read Nazia Awal's writing. 

    Click here to read Mujtaba's writing. 



    Noorjahan Binte (won $5)


    Shafkat Kanun (won $5)


    Their writings were interesting because of the different choice of objects. 

    Click here to read Noorjahan's writing. 

    Click here to read Shafkat's writing. 


    Sharmin Akter (won $3)



    Atia Fiaroz (won $3)


    Samia Ahmed (won $3)


    All their writings had something in common and interesting to read. 

    Click here to read Sharmin's writing. 

    Click here to read Atia's writing. 

    Click here to read Samia's writing. 


    Thank you to everyone else who participated in this project!