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August, 2021 Top Contributors and Participants

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    September 19, 2021 2:07 PM PDT

    Hello everyone, 

    The following are some of the top contributors in our website in the month of August, 2021.  They either participated in our monthly projects or worked in our referral program. 



    Noorjahan Binte

    Noorjahan is still one of the undefeated champions in our site with a total earning of $476.  She earned more than $20 in August, 2021 from her referrals and other work in our site. 


    Taarik Hasan

    Taarik Hasan was another top earner in August, 2021. Previously he worked and won several projects in our site, but in August, 2021 he also participated in our referral program/campaign and earned around $22. 


    Nazmus Shakib

    Shakib was also one of our top earners in August, 2021.  He participated in several wiki projects in our site and recently did a successful referral campaign in our site.  He also earned $21.


    Zarin Sadaf Snigdha

    Zarin is one of the rising stars in our website and we pretty much see her in most of our projects. Even though she might not have won all the projects (she did win a few), her answers are still in the top 5 during the selection process. She also assisted us a ton in getting our O' and A' level tutoring service ready. She made a huge impact in our site in the month of August, 2021. 



    Tanveer Tausif Ratul

    Tanveer is another champion in our site. He won a variety of projects we published in our site. He came in the top for most of the projects in Physics, English, and other science and technology related projects or quizzes in our site. In August, 2021, he was the winner of the Physics project on pressure concepts.

    The other winners of the Physics project were Siam, Ahnaf and Wafeeqa. This was their first or second time contributing. Click here to see the full Physics project link. We shared everyone's project answers and our feedback in each contributor's profile page also. 


    Mujtaba Rafid

    Mujtaba Rafid is another rising star in our platform as most of his projects come in the top 5 list while the admins review the projects.  He was either the winner or runner-up in our last few projects or were either in the top categories. He won the English writing project in August, 2021. 

    The other runner-ups of the English writing project were Shareen, Atia and Jannat. Click here to see everyone's English writing in more details.  As mentioned above, we shared everyone's project answers and our feedback in each contributor's profile page as well.

    We also want to thank the following educators for either preparing projects, or helping the students in our platform. 

    Sifatul Islam Kabbo

    Hans Ankur

    Munira Mia

    There were many other contributors and participants in our website in August, 2021 such as Mesbah, Sneha, Shadman, Shan and special thanks to all our other contributors who all participated in our projects!  You can see all our other contributors at our project pages here in the following link. Just click on the following link, then scroll down and see the 'Who accepted' tab at the bottom of the page to see the other contributors and their work.  We recommend checking all the contributor's individual profile pages to see how they wrote their answers. 

    Physics Project

    Engligh Writing project

    Thank you all for educating us with your contributions!

    The admins have updated your 'Top Achievements' tab in your profile (ONLY for contributors who participated in the projects, quizzes or referrals). See screenshot below: 

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