Genghis Khan - $7 English project

  • Genghis Khan - $7 English project


    Born Temujin in Khentii Mountains, Khamaq Mongol in August 18, 1227. He was born grasping a blood clot in his fist which is a traditional sign that he is destined to become a great leader. He was the first son of Hoelun, who is the second wife of his father Yesugei. Genghis had three brothers Hasar, Hachiun and Temuge, one sister Temulen and two half-brothers Begter and Belgutei. Genghis had a very difficult early life. Genghis’s father arranged his marriage when he was only 9 years old and delivered him to the family of his future wife Borte, she belonged from the tribe of Khongirad. Genghis had to live there serving the head of the household Dai Setsen until the marriageable age of 12.

    One day while heading home, his father ran into the neighboring Tatars, who had long been Mongol enemies. They offered him food that poisoned him. After his father’s death, Genghis returned home to claim his fathers’ position as chief. But the tribe refused this and abandoned the family, leaving it without protection. This left the family in poverty, surviving in wild fruits and raw meat. Later, his older brother Begter began to exercise power as the eldest male in the family. Genghis grew up observing the tough political climate, which included tribal warfare, thievery, raids, corruption and revenge between confederations, compounded by interference from abroad, such as from china to the south. His mother taught him many lessons, especially the need for strong alliances to ensure stability in Mongolia.

    When Genghis Khan became the founder of the Mongol empire, he had a wide and long-lasting impact on civilization. Later, he turned out to be the most ruthless and the greatest conqueror. A brutal barbarian and the founder of the largest connected land empire the world has ever seen. Genghis together with his sons and grandsons went to war on an immense scale. In only 25 years, the Mongol army conquered more territory than the romans had done in 400 years. And what’s more remarkable is he was able to achieve around 100,000 men, making Genghis khan one of the most successful military commanders the world has ever seen. 


    Now, for our project today, answer the following questions: 

    1) What was the most challenging part of Genghis Khan's childhood?

    2) What was their marriage system?

    3) What is your impression of Genghis Khan?  Was he good or bad?  Why? Please elaborate


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        The person with the best, creative, logical and non plagiarized answer will get $7. Runner-up will get $3. Please make sure your English grammar and punctuations are correct as those will count as well. All the best!


    --Project concept designed by Munira Mia, English Teacher


    The winner of this project is: 

    Mujtaba Rafid (Winner, $7)

    We liked Mujtaba's answer because of the way he wrote the quotes and elaborated on those quotes to answer our question. The answers were also good to read because of interesting contents which were all written to the point. So overall, good and creative project with quotes, etc and we always like creativity (instead of just cut and dry project)! He won $7.  You can see his entire project at this link


    The first runner-up of this project is: 

    Shahreen Tunazzina (Runner-up, $4)

    Shahreen's answer was written with lots of interesting information written in a story type format with elaboration. It was like a good and standard essay type write-up, but not a boring read. You can find her full project at this link. She won $4.


    The second runner-up of this project is: 


    Atia Fiaroz (Runner-up, $3)

    We liked Atia Fiaroz's answers because she established good logic for all of her answers. We also liked her style of writing because of the way she tried to persuade the readers to agree with her opinion (with her reasoning throughout the project). So, overall good write-up regarding her opinions. You can see her full write-up at this link. She won $3. 


    The last runner-up of this project is:

    Jannat Juthi (Runner-up, $2)

    We felt like she is one of the contributor who really demonstrated her true opinion in the end in an organized and concise manner.  Nice, concise, but full of good information. Hence, she is our last runner-up. Here is her full project link. She won $2. 


    Many other people wrote lots of good content and we liked to read them too!  If we had more budget, we would have paid everyone.  But due to our limited budget, we highlighted the 4 as above, but that does not mean the other contents were not as good. They all were good write-ups and we appreciate all your hard work. There is more project to come to cheer you all up!