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Python Programming : The $20 project

  • Python Programming : The $20 project



    Hello Contributors! Today, we are releasing an interesting project based on Python. All of you know that Python is now a very popular programming language. Do you know about Google Colab? Google Colab allows anybody to write and execute arbitrary python code through the browser, and is especially well suited to machine learning, data analysis and education.

    Click here to see a CSV file titled "Cleaning Data". For this project, you have to analyze these CSV file data in Google Colab and share it with us. 

    Firstly you have to analyze the CSV file 'Cleaning data' and do the following: 
    1. Remove empty cells from the data file.
    2. Find out mean, sum, max, min, count, median, standard deviation, variance of calories. 
    3. Make the value 90 of 7,14,20,25 row in Duration column. 
    4. Delete rows where "Duration" is higher than 120. 
    5. Find out the correlation. 
    6. Show the relation between calories and pulse through plot. 


    If you want to work on this programming project, please do the following:

    1) First, accept this project by clicking on the 'Accept Project' button on this page. Click here to see a video on how to accept your project in your mobile phones. Apologies for the hazy video! In your desktop computer, accept project button should be at the top left of this page. Make sure you sign in to this site to see the 'Accept Project' button on this page.


    2) Once you complete your project, please email your coding notebook link from Google Colab to The deadline to submit this project is June 30th, 2022, midnight, Bangladesh time. 

    If you have any questions about this project, please put them in the comment section below. 

    Note: Winner of this project will get $20 in bKash and we will try our best to offer you an internship in the future.  



    The winner of this project is: 

    Ajoy Debnath (Winner, $20)

    Ajoy is the winner of this project. Ajoy's code is  clear, unique, different and also has more features. He won $20. Click here to see his full code. 


    The second runner-up of this project is: 

    Imran Sarkar (Runner-up, $10)

    Imran won second place.  Imran's code is easily understandable and has more features. He won $10. Click here to see his full code.  


    Another second runner-up is: 

    Nishat Tamanna (Runner-up, $10)

    Nishat's code was simple and easy to understand with good features. She won $10. Click here to see see her full code. 


    The third runner-up of this project is: 

    Sourav Chowhan (Runner-up, $5)

    Sourav's code was also good.  He won $5. Click here to see his full code. 


    Congratulations to all the people who won and came out in the top of this project.  Your money will be sent in bKash.  If your bKash number is not in our database, then one of our admin will contact you today or tomorrow. Thank you!