The Frightening Experience - $10 English writing project

  • The Frightening Experience - $10 English writing project



    Look at the picture above.

    Then, write about a frightening experience.
    Please base your response on the picture above. Your writing can be real or imagined. 


    If you want to work on this imaginative writing project, please do the following:


    1) First, accept this project by clicking on the 'Accept Project' button on this page. Click here to see a video on how to accept your project in your mobile phones. Apologies for the hazy video! In your desktop computer, accept project button should be at the top left of this page. Make sure you sign in to this site to see the 'Accept Project' button on this page.

    2) Write your answer in any word document or any other document, UPLOAD your document in google drive and make it visible to only Finally, post your project's google drive link beside your name on this page. Click here to see a video on how to post your project link on this page. This video shows the steps on another sample project, but you will do these same steps similarly in this project. Post your project on this page by July 24th, midnight, Bangladesh time.

    The person with the most interesting, non plagiarized and grammatically correct writing will get $10. Runner-up will get $5. We will announce the winner end of this month.

    All the best!


    All the writings in this project were quite good, so it was difficult for us to select one single winner.  Therefore, we choose the top three writers and give them equal cash prize. Please see below: 


    The following are the top three winners of this project and all of their narratives were very well written and spooky!



    Nazia Awal (Winner, $8)

    Nazia's story was very nicely written. The BHOOT FM part made it more relevant.  Good work!  She won $8 and click here to read her full story. 


    Nafisa Awal (Winner, $8)

    Nafisa's English writing was flawless as usual.  Very nicely written with fantastic grammar, metaphors, choice of words, etc.  It looks like a narrative written by an experienced English writer. So again, good work. She also won $8 and click here to read her full writing. 


    Shafkat Kanun (Winner, $8)

    Shafkat's story was also one of the best! Its setting was the typical scary setting for these kinds of stories and the narrative itself was wonderful to read!  So, good job! He won $8.  Please click here to read his full story. 


    Thanks to everyone for participating in our projects.  If you did not win this time, then please do not get discouraged. We hope to release more project soon. Take care you all!


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