Curious Nancy and the Dancy of Five Ice Cubes

  • Curious Nancy and the Dancy of Five Ice Cubes - $7 Physics project



    Nancy just bought a laboratory gown and one very beautiful safety eyeglass. She tried the outfit at home and her father really admired her look, as if he could see a baby scientist in front of him. Nancy was thrilled knowing that tomorrow will be the first time she will get to visit the science lab as a fifth grader in school and be part of an experiment.

    The science teacher did not give any prior clue about the type of experiment they would be a part of. All the other students were pissed as they preferred to learn about it from their home tutors except Nancy. She, on the other hand, was excited by the thought of a completely new venture. She could not wait for the next day as she brushed her teeth and changed into her pajamas in her bedroom the night before!

    The big day finally came for Nancy.
    Mr. Rudro, the science teacher greeted all the students during the second period.
    "Nancy, you seem very excited!", the teacher asked, shifting his gaze towards Nancy, who instantly nodded her head in ecstasy.

    The science teacher began the experiment, taking 5 cubes of ice at -4 degrees centigrade onto a beaker, crushing it and then placed a thermometer in it. He heated the beaker for a good 5 minutes until the temperature reached 120 degrees centigrade. Nancy noticed that there were two instances where the temperature remained constant for some time.

    By now, the curious mind of Nancy had two questions in mind.

    1. Why were the ice cubes crushed?
    2. What was happening during the two instances where the temperature was not increasing for some time?

    By applying Physics Concepts, feed Nancy's curious mind. 


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    --Project concept designed by Hans Ankur, Physics Teacher


    The winner of this project is: 

    Shahreen Tunazzina(Winner, $7)

    Shahreen did it again! She is the winner of this physics project. We liked her answer because her answer covered all the important points in easy to understand English.  No complicated terms, processes or definitions. One of the requirement of this project is explaining complicated phenomenon in an easy and interesting way to gain more curiosity in Physics.  So Shahreen was able to do that. In addition, she covered all the important points in an interesting way with visuals. Click here to see her full project. She won $7. 


    The first runner-up of this project is: 

    Nusrat Jarin Silvia (Runner-up, $3)

    Nusrat is the second runner-up of this project. She put in some extra effort and presented her project beautifully. Sometimes, it is this extra effort that gets additional points.  And in addition, all main points were covered in her answer. Click here to see her full project. So, she won $3. This was her first project in our site and she already did well as a new participant. 


    The second runner-up in our project is: 

    Mahiya Mumtahinah (Runner-up, $2)

    Mahiya's answer was the most technically accurate. All the important components of this project was covered in great details in her answer and she used different examples to showcase the main Physics concepts with perfect technical accuracy. In addition, her handwritten diagrams were excellent. This was also her first project in the site and she did well her first time. Click here to see her full project. She won $2. 


    All other answers were great, but due to limited budget we are unable to pay everyone as usual. But reading all answers educated us in so many different ways. 

    There were some plagiarism issues in the answers this time. So if we found even a hint of 1% plagiarism in your answer or any minor plagiarism, you did not come out as the winners. So please, be careful about it next time. But other than that, we liked everything else in all the answers. Thanks for giving visuals and pictures as that helped to understand the Physics concepts so clearly.  So thank you everyone. More to come!