This time we will have a very short and quick technology contest in Coolinventor.  In a recent poll, our members chose technology as their preferred career field. Therefore, we decided to do a contest in this field. 


    Contest Description

    There are three major problems in poor or developing nations:  1) Lack of education  2) Corruption  3) Poverty

    If you were an inventor, then what technological product would you invent to solve or minimize any one of the above problems?  Please submit three PowerPoint slides which will show us the description and design of the product you invented. For example, I chose to make a product that may solve the educational problems in poor countries.  Therefore, I decided to invent an educational device that I can give to teachers at rural areas in poor countries.  It is called the 'Teaching ToolBox'. 

    I wrote a description of this product and its solutions in this PowerPoint slide: 

    And here is how I designed the product: 

    So, just like that format in this example, please come up with your own idea on what product you can invent to solve either the 'Education', 'Corruption' or 'Poverty' problems in poor nations.  Click here to see the complete slide deck from this example as a guideline. 


    Contest guidelines

    1) For this contest, do not write any wikis

    2) We prefer PowerPoint slides in this contest. So please submit three slides for this contest. In the first slide,  add your name and Coolinventor profile address. In the second slide, add the following contents (just like the example shown above): 

    a) Introduction: Brief introduction of your product

    b) Problems: What problems you are targeting (that this product will solve)

    c)Solutions: How will your product solve these problems

    d) Why your product is better than others

    In the third slide, show the design of your product just like we showed in the example. Label the components to show how it will work. 


    Additional Info

     * Please submit your PowerPoint slides to this e-mail address by February 3rd: coolinventor17@gmail.com 

    * We may either directly select the winner or choose the top two contestants for a final voting round. 

    * Winner of this contest will get $20 and runner-up will get $10.  The entries of the rest of the contestants will all be showcased in our website for everyone to see. So there will be honorary mention for everyone for all your hard work. 

    * We prefer PowerPoints to submit your answers. If you do not have Powerpoint, then you can use slides in Google forms or write your answers and draw the design in 2 different pieces of paper and send screenshots with your name and profile address. All your writing need to be legible and clear to get points.

    * Please DO NOT exceed more than three slides or pages for this project.  As mentioned before, the first slide should have your name and Coolinventor profile address, the second page should have the product description and the second page will show your product design with labels. 

    * Please do not copy and paste copyright images or any images from the internet as that will disqualify you from this contest. Very important!

    Please click on the 'Accept Project button by January 21st if you are interested to participate in this technology contest. Any product ideas are welcome no matter how weird!


    The winner of this contest was Nafis Wahid Nijhum and the runner-up was Atif Islam. Click on the following to see their entries: 

    Nafis Wahid Nijhum

    Atif Islam

    Everyone else's entries