Look Within





    Please complete the above sentence and elaborate this in our Coolinventor Wiki page. In other words, please write a wiki in our www.coolinventor.com/wiki page which mentions the following:

    Look within yourself and describe why you matter in this world. Or what is important about you for which you are valuable person?

    If you are interested to work on this wiki project, please click on 'Accept Project' button by October 23rd. 

    Submit the project by October 26th by inserting your wiki link in the 'Who Accepted' tab below. 

    You will be paid anywhere between $2 to $10 for working on this project depending on how you interpret the topic and how you write. 

    Please try to write in a narrative format to get more points. Here is a sample narrative style writing to give you an idea:  Narrative writing sample

     In addition to that, please follow all the writing rules described here to get more points and money for your writing: Writing rules

    For any questions, comment below.